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5 Cost Effective Ways to Renovate a Hotel

5 Cost Effective Ways to Renovate a Hotel 

  • Get a uniform hotel look with exterior building wraps
  • Reduce hotel utility bills with sun-blocking window films
  • Comfortable guest rooms with heat-and-glare reducing window film
  • Give guests peace of mind with privacy film 
  • Custom graphics, logos, and labels

Renovate a Hotel Without Breaking the Bank!

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Protect Your Property With Durable Graffiti Film

Stop Worrying About Vandalism! 

Beautiful surfaces like glass, metal, and mirrors are invaluable to interior design and function, but are also vulnerable to graffiti scratches, marks, and more. A large glass window or an elevator door quickly turns into an eyesore once it’s been vandalized, which can turn off customers and cost you money to replace.

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