How Do I Protect My Windows from Burglars?

February 17, 2023

How to burglar-proof and secure your windows and prevent break-ins

how do i protect my windows from burglars?

Break-ins are far too common in the United States. states that according to the FBI and the Bureau of Justice Statistics, that 23% of burglars enter the home through the window

66% of burglaries happen to residences/homes and 34% of burglaries affect commercial properties/businesses. 

In most cases, burglars enter through a broken door or window glass. Doors and windows are by far the most common points through which burglars gain entry into homes and businesses. 

While doors and windows play an essential role in providing security, they generally don't provide enough protection to keep intruders out of a property. A hammer, rock, or other solid objects can easily break glass, allowing an intruder to reach in and unlock a nearby door or window and gain entry.

So what puts burglars off? Property owners are advised to consider investing in security measures such as motion sensors, home security cameras, and alarms to beef up security. However, it's worth noting that even these options cannot always deter desperate intruders from breaking into your house. 

What houses do burglars look for? 

  • Typically single-family homes in middle of lots
  • Homes with high privacy bushes or walls
  • Indications that the homeowner is out of town, such as having many packages outside
  • Homes without security cameras or systems - according to ADT, homes without security systems are 3 times more likely to have a break-in

What do burglars fear most?

  • Dogs
  • Lighting outside the home
  • Security cameras
  • Large open spaces around your house
  • Neighbors close by 

If burglaries are frequent in your neighborhood, knowing how to secure your home windows and doors by installing burglar-proof security features can prove to be beneficial. Preventing break-ins through doors and windows could significantly improve your home's security. 

From strengthening existing glass to entirely replacing it with burglar-proof windows, there are plenty of options you could use to increase your home's security. And the good thing about most of these options is that they are designed to make gaining entry to your home harder. So, what options do you have when it comes to burglar-proofing your windows? Let’s have a look.

Different Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Windows

While having a smart security system protecting your home is essential, that doesn’t mean that intruders still won’t find a way to break into your home. The following recommended solutions can help significantly improve your safety from burglars who attempt to gain entry through a side or back window.

Security Window Film

If you aren’t looking to replace your glass doors and windows with break-proof panes, then the best option would be to have security window films (such as by 3M brand) installed on your doors and windows. It’s a great way to secure windows without bars and security window films prevent the easy breaking of glass panes by holding them in place even after multiple attempts to break them. 

Security window films, which come in both tinted and transparent forms, should be installed on both the inside and outside of your glass doors and windows for extra protection. Glass panes covered with security window film can easily withstand multiple hits from heavy objects.

Burglar-Proof Glass Panels and Sheets

If you are aiming for the best security and have the budget to have your windows replaced, then consider getting burglar-proof glass panels and sheets installed. Glass panels that already have the strength and composition needed to deter break-ins and other attacks will go a long way toward providing the security you are looking for and are worth the investment. 

Furthermore, there are burglar-proof glass panel and sheet options that even provide different levels of ballistic resistance. Windows with this resistance will not only protect your home from burglars but also from blasts and bullets.

Window Bars

In the event a burglar successfully manages to break one of your windows, having window bars can help deter their advances. The little gaps between the bars will keep intruders from gaining entry into your home. 

However, when having window bars installed, make sure that they are set up in a way that allows you to safely exit the house in case of an emergency. The best way to ensure this is by installing the bars on the inside of your house so that they swing inwardly and simply adding a lock to secure them.

Burglar-Proof Your Glass Windows Now

Getting your home broken into can be a frightening and traumatic experience. To prevent such an event from happening, securing your doors and windows is something you need to consider doing.

Burglar-proof glass doors and windows are one of the best ways to protect your home and belongings from potential break-ins. Some of the solutions mentioned here even help protect your property from chaos, riots, or violence in your area.  

How do I stop people from breaking into my house?

Investing in quality security film for your glass doors and windows may be a great option for you. To learn more about burglar-proofing your windows and how we can help through security film, get in touch with us at Solar Art today – we’ve got you covered!


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