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How to Prevent Employees From Running into Glass | Distraction Patterns

Improving Office Space and Safety

Office space is shrinking and glass walls are a popular and convenient way to open the space, improve mood, and increase collaboration and culture. They help create a modern look and provide subtle work boundaries. They can curb energy costs by bringing in natural light, while also taking advantage of relaxing outdoor office areas or scenic views.

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How to Lower AC Bill | How to Cool Your House Without Using AC

Staying Cool Without Having to Turn on the AC 

Summertime is for fun in the sun, but is accompanied with the boiling heat. The day goes by, the house gets stuffy, you start to sweat, and before you know it, you’re turning on the AC. On really hot days, even the AC is not enough to cool our homes. Why?

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How to Prevent Fading in Your Home

Protecting your Home from the Sun 

We love our windows and the natural light they let in, but sun exposure can cause serious damage to the appearance and life of our valuable possessions. Nothing ruins beautiful decor like sun fading. Softer materials like carpeting, wood flooring, rugs, curtains, leather furniture, and artwork are especially vulnerable. Worse than that, replacing items damaged by sun fading can be expensive, impractical, and even impossible.

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How to Reduce Heat In Homes, Without Changing The Aesthetics

Different Ways to Reduce Heat in a Home

We work hard for our homes and want to make sure they look great while also keeping us comfortable. Windows are a major focal point of a home, as they let in light and optimize views. According to the Department of Energy, “In cooling seasons, about 76% of sunlight that falls on a standard double-pane window enters to become heat".  Glass lets the sun’s radiation pass through and the heat gets trapped inside your home. Just like a parked car in the sun, a room gets really warm, really quick. The trick to cooling your house is to prevent the sunlight from ever passing through your windows at all. There are different ways to reduce heat in homes. Some of which will change the aesthetics of the home, while others will not. 

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