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10 Signs You Might Need Window Film

Ways Window Film Can Improve Your Space 

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How to Use Decorative Window Film

How to Use Decorative Window Films

Sick of trying to hang blinds or keep them in decent condition? Tired of curtains always blocking out the light when you want a little privacy? There’s another option. Decorative window films are actually a better way to enhance your home or office, provide privacy, and eliminate the need for other window treatments.

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3 Reasons Your Hardwood Floors are Fading

Why are your hardwood floors fading?

Hardwood floors are beautiful and can really set off a room. Unfortunately, if they’re not cared for properly, those lovely, gleaming floors will start to fade and discolor. There are several reasons this happens, but today we’ll look at the biggest culprit, your windows. Fortunately, you can prevent most fading by simply adding window tint.

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5 Custom Decorative Window Film Ideas You Need for Your Office

Decorative Window Film Ideas for Your Office

Solar Art has a number of different products you can choose from to enhance your business. Most businesses use at least some decorative window films to customize a space, increase privacy or even to help with marketing and branding. Solar Art's custom products use a combination of printed window or wall coverings and custom cut graphics to make your space just how you want it!

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