Dry Erase Film For Your Office or Home

October 13, 2020

Dry Erase Film For a More Productive & Efficient Environment


When people think of window film and its main purpose, the first thing that probably comes up is window film to help reduce heat and reduce glare, because that’s what it’s most known for. While it is true that Solar Art’s biggest and most popular requested service is a solar film to help with heat and glare issues, there are so many different window films available on the market than people realize, decorative window film and custom graphics in particular.

Since there are so many window films on the market that people don’t even know exist, we want to take this time to do a product spotlight on one of the coolest decorative window films on the market: dry erase film. Bet you’ve never heard of it, am I right? Dry erase film is a great way to increase productivity and efficiency for an affordable price and a hassle-free installation process. Keep on reading to learn more about dry erase film and how the Solar Art team uses it for a variety of different customers and settings! 

What is dry erase film?

Dry erase film is exactly what it sounds like. A dry-erase material like you would see on a whiteboard, but instead of being on a board, it’s made into a window film. It has an adhesive side that is installed directly onto the glass or wall surface. You can use dry-erase markers to write on it just like your standard dry erase board. In terms of window film, dry erase film is part of the decorative window film branch and you have a variety of different options to choose from, which we will also take a deeper dive into in this blog!  

What surfaces can dry erase film be installed to?


One of the biggest draws to dry erase window film is that there are options for both glass and walls, which isn’t the case with other window film services. Dry erase film gives you the flexibility to not only have different dry erase film options to choose from, but also different applications. You can make your space look and feel exactly how you want it to. A few of the most common surfaces Solar Art sees dry erase film installed to is glass and walls throughout both homes and offices. 

What options do you have with dry erase film?

There are a ton of different dry erase film options you can choose from, which is great because you aren’t stuck making one window film work! Like I mentioned earlier, dry erase film is part of the decorative film family. There are decorative window film manufacturers that have created different dry erase films for different purposes that you can choose from. What’s great about Solar Art is that we have our own in-house graphics department that can create virtually anything you want. If you can’t find what you’re looking for from the decorative window film selection, our team can create a custom dry erase film just for you! 

Clear dry erase film & transparent dry erase film


The first and probably most popular dry erase film on the market is the clear dry erase film or the transparent dry erase film. This is an optically clear dry erase film option that is applied only to glass surfaces. Since it’s optically clear you won’t even be able to tell it’s there when it isn’t being used. This option is perfect for private offices or conference rooms where collaboration is needed. The writing can easily be removed when finished, leaving the space looking as professional and clean as when you got there! 

White dry erase film

White dry erase film is another option you have with dry erase film. This option looks like a standard whiteboard you are used to seeing. The biggest perk of white dry erase film: there is a glass application option as well as a wall application office. This option allows you to stick to the classics, but you don’t have to take up unnecessary space doing it. 

Frosted dry erase film 


Your next option when it comes to dry erase film is frosted dry erase film. But, it doesn’t stop there! There is the standard frosted dry erase option, but then there are also different opacity options like Mist, Fog, Haze, and Etch. Each of these dry erase films has a different opacity, which affects how easily you can see through them. Just like with clear dry erase film, with frosted dry erase film, you can write directly on it. All of the frosted dry erase film options are glass applications. 

Chalkboard black dry erase film

Chalkboard black dry erase film gives you that throwback feel with the chalkboard but creates a modern way to increase productivity and collaboration. This option is also perfect for conference rooms or private offices where there are frequent meetings. 

Grid dry erase film

The last dry erase film option we are going to talk about today is the grid option. This dry erase film looks like a grid board and is designed to be installed on glass surfaces. Grid dry erase film is great if you are working with numbers or need a neat and organized surface to work with.  

Dry erase film applications

We have already talked about a few of the different dry erase film applications, we are going to take a deeper dive into the different applications Solar Art frequently installed dry erase film too!

Dry erase film for conference rooms


The first and most common application of dry erase film is glass and walls in conference rooms. Conference rooms are typically used to hold and conduct meetings and need a way to write down or elaborate on what is being discussed. You can have a standard whiteboard in your conference room, but they are bulky and take up unnecessary space, which is why dry erase film is so great. It is installed directly onto glass or wall surfaces and doesn’t take up any additional space. We frequently see customers installing dry erase film in conference rooms to help with collaboration. It gives you the ability to easily jot things down or discuss topics in further depth during a meeting. Once the meeting is over, you can erase what’s on the dry erase film and your conference room will go back to having it’s clean and professional look.  

Dry erase film for private offices


How many times have you been in your office and need a space to leave reminders and notes, or have an impromptu meeting where you need to talk through a topic? It happens all the time, which is why we see a lot of our customers install dry erase film to private office glass and walls. It’s a cost-effective office upgrade that increases productivity, not to mention it adds a custom design factor to offices. 

Dry erase film for homes


We have been talking a lot about how dry erase film is beneficial, but don’t forget about homes. Especially today where more people are working and going to school from home than ever, dry erase film for home offices and toy rooms can be a lifesaver. Typically, home offices aren’t conducive to getting work done because we don’t have a lot of the same tools and equipment that we do in our normal offices and classrooms. Installing dry erase film is a temporary design that isn’t going to ruin your home applications and encourages learning and working from home. Kids love it, adults love it, everyone loves it. It’s a win-win solution. 

Solar Art Can Help You With Your Dry Erase Film Needs

Solar Art has installed dry erase film for customers that are in different industries and different walks of life. Dry erase film is such a versatile window film that a lot of people don’t know much about. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to increase productivity and collaboration or add a custom design tool to your office or home office space, give us a call today to learn more about your dry erase film options! 

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