Should You Tint Your Windows in the Winter?

February 24, 2023

Should I tint my home windows in the winter with residential window film?

should i tint home windows in the winter?

If you are wondering whether you should tint your home windows in the winter with residential window film, read on. Most homeowners think of window tinting as a method of keeping the hot summer sun out. 

What many don't realize is just how advantageous window tinting can be during the cold winter months. In fact, there are many reasons to tint your home windows in the winter with residential window film. 

What Is Home Window Tinting?

Window tinting uses a thin film or a laminate that is applied to the interior of your home's windows. Window tinting comes in different types, colors, grades, and thicknesses. Window film helps reduce visible light and ultraviolet radiation. 

The film is dyed or metalized in order to change the solar radiation that comes into your home into infrared light. The infrared radiation will be sent back through the window to the outside. Today, there are also ceramic window films that don't use dyes or metallic substances. 

What Are the Many Benefits of Home Window Tinting in Winter?

"Can I install home window tint in cold weather?" - Whether residential window film can be installed in cold weather is a question we get often. Winter is the season when you need to operate the heater for long periods. In fact, there is nothing worse than having to cope with the excessive noise of the heater for long periods of time. Window tinting can help in this regard. It helps reduce the length of time that your heater operates.

Does home window tint help in winter? Yes, and 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window Film may be a great option as it not only keeps homes warm in the winter and but also cool in the summer. 

With window film, your home will heat up in less time and stay warmer for longer periods. In fact, once you have window film on the windows of your home, less heat will make its way through the windows to the outside. It helps keep the heat inside your home instead of leaking through the windows. 

Reducing the use of your heater and its excessive noise is one major advantage of installing window film in your home during the winter months.

Winter is a season that sees growth in your utility bills. That's because the heater works for longer periods of the day and night during the winter months. But it doesn't have to be that way. Window tinting helps keep your home warmer for longer periods. 

You can reduce the use of the heater and save money on your utility bills. On the other hand, your heater will work better and last longer with less use. Window film helps keep your home warmer and comfortable during winter and improves the energy efficiency and lifespan of your heater.

If you have a piece of furniture that's in direct sunlight for the most part of the day, fading can be the result after some time. Window film helps reduce fading of your furniture and other belongings. 

Fading is usually caused by ultraviolet radiation coming through your windows. Home window tinting helps reduce UV radiation by up to 99%. In fact, your furniture and other possessions will be protected from the sun’s harmful rays. They will preserve their beauty and last much longer with window film. 

Window tinting is quite beneficial to older homes as well. Most older homes can get decidedly drafty and cool during the winter months. Tinting the windows of your older house will help keep your home warm during such periods. 

In fact, you won't have to worry about how expensive your energy bills are going to be since you don't have to constantly run the heater to stay warm. 

Window tinting also helps enhance the privacy of your home since it reduces the chances of outsiders seeing through the windows. During winter months, your home can be a little more exposed than normal since surrounding vegetation dies off for winter. 

Window tinting will continue to provide the privacy you need during such times. Reflective home window tint is the best for privacy since it allows you to see out of your windows, but your neighbors cannot see in.

Should You Tint Your Home Windows in the Winter?

Home window tinting is not only for summer months, it can be a great option in winter or cold seasons too. There are many advantages of home window tinting in the winter. Contact Solar Art today for a free window film estimate for your home.


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