One Way Mirror Film vs. One Way Mirror Glass

April 2, 2019

One Way Mirror Glass or One Way Mirror Film?

One way mirror film

One way mirrors add that special touch of privacy to homes and businesses, but they aren’t available or appropriate for everyone. On the other hand, one way mirror film is an easy way to add privacy that’s accessible to a lot more people. Let’s learn more about it!

What is one way mirror glass?

One way mirror film is a specialized glass with some amount of reflective material, but not 100%. The glass is a mirror you can see through depending on the side you’re on, which is why it was known originally as a “transparent mirror.” The glass requires that the light on one side of the glass be twice as bright as the other side.

What is one way mirror film?

One way mirror film is a tinted, reflective mirror film applied to a glass surface without changing the glass itself. The film still requires one side to be brighter than the other.

exterior reflective window film

Benefits of one way mirror glass

One way mirror glass has the benefit of being a durable, specially-manufactured surface that won’t fade, peel, or scratch. Unfortunately, one way mirror glass is limited: the installation is expensive and provided by select retailers who specialize in that glass. Installing one way mirror glass requires replacing existing glass that may still be perfectly functional other than privacy concerns. The installation site must be inspected for appropriate light contrast for it to be effective and worth your money. Despite this, one way glass can still be a preferred option for some customers.

Benefits of one way mirror film

On the other hand, one way mirror film is as easy to install as any other window film, and it’s an affordable and convenient way to add privacy to your home or office. It can be installed on any glass surface and doesn’t depend on your window being the right size for the glass. One way mirror film also saves the mess of tearing out good windows and installing new ones: the film can be installed quickly because we only need to measure your glass and cut the film. Plus, if your window film gets scratched, you only need to replace the film instead of the entire window.

skylight one way mirror window film

Solar Art Window Film

While mirror glass is permanent, it’s also expensive and delicate. One way mirror film offers all the benefits of mirror glass, but is replaceable and more affordable. Talk to Solar Art about how you can add privacy to any window in your home today.

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