Low-E Window Film

January 20, 2022

Low-E Window Tint for Your Home or Commercial Building


Controlling the temperature in your home or office can be a difficult task. If you find yourself turning the air conditioner up and down throughout the day in the summer and turning the heat up and down throughout the day in the winter, you're not alone. Solar Art gets calls every day from both homeowners and business owners asking us to help them regulate the temperature in their space. They are frustrated with their high utility bills and continually being uncomfortable with the temperature.

Lucky for them, we have Low-E window film, which is the perfect product for these types of problems. If you are a homeowner or business owner who is experiencing these types of issues, keep on reading to learn more about Low-E window film, or click the button below to start working with the Solar Art team on making your space more comfortable and efficient!

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  • Low-E Window Film - Reduces heat in the summer
  • Low-E Window Film - Keeps heat in during the winter
  • Low-E Window Film - Makes your space more energy-efficient


What is Low-E window film?

We talk a lot about the different kinds of window film available on the market, from solar film to security film to decorative window film to anti-graffiti film. But, we haven’t talked much about Low-E window film. Low-E window film is a type of window film that falls in the solar category. We want the focus of this blog to be on Low-E window film because we want to draw attention to how awesome the product is.

Low-E window film essentially makes your home or commercial space more energy-efficient year-round by controlling the temperature in your space. In the summer, Low-E window film helps block the heat from entering your space, keeping it cooler without turning to the air conditioning. In the winter, Low-E window film keeps the heat in your space so that you don’t have to turn on the heater as much.

Reduce heat in the summer with Low-E window film


Those summer months can be brutal for your home or commercial space. The extreme heat from outside enters your space and makes it uncomfortable to be in. In a commercial setting, employees can feel stuffy and warm while they are working at their desks, which undoubtedly is not an optimal work environment to be in and can even lower productivity. In a residential setting, no one wants to be hot and uncomfortable in their own home. There is nothing worse than sitting on the couch trying to relax and being so sweaty you stick to the couch…who’s with me?

In both the residential and commercial examples, the logical solution is to turn to the air conditioner to try and cool down your space. Yes, the air conditioner is going to cool down your space, which is a win, but your electricity bill is going to suffer. Running the AC day in and day out is going to drastically increase your energy bill. Especially in a large space like an office building, you are going to notice a big difference. So, what are you supposed to do? A lot of business owners and homeowners think that the air conditioner, blinds, or shades are the only answer because they don’t know about Low-E window film. Low-E window film immediately reduces the amount of heat that enters your space without darkening it or raising electricity bills.

Conserve heat in the winter with Low-E window film

While summer months are hot, uncomfortable, and leave you wanting cooler days to come, those winter months come with their own problems. Just like with heat, cold air seeps through your windows making your home or business cold. Just like homeowners and business owners don’t like their spaces to be uncomfortable from the heat, they also don’t want to be uncomfortable from the cold. So what do they do?

A lot of the homeowners and business owners Solar Art works with frequently use their heaters throughout the winter to try and mitigate this problem. Just like the air conditioning, turning on the heater is going to raise your electricity bill. Not only does Low-E window film help your space cool in the summer, but it also helps keep it warm in the winter. Low-e window film holds cold air in, stabilizing the temperature in your home or office, ultimately increasing comfort and lowering electricity bills.

Ready to get Low-E Window Film Installed?


There you have it! The window film that does it all. If you are looking to keep heat out during the summer but keep it in during the winter, Low-E window film could be the cost-effective and easy solution that you have been looking for.

All you have to do is call us up, and a member of our sales team will meet with you at your house or commercial space to show you samples of the product and take exact measurements of your problematic glass so we can get you over a quote. From there, our installation team goes onsite and installs the Low-E window film to your space, allowing you to experience immediate results.

If you are interested in learning more about Low-E window film or think it is a good fit for your home or office space, click the link below to start working with the Solar Art team!

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