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June 21, 2021

The Ins and Outs of Business Window Tinting


Window film is a product that isn’t widely known or talked about because let’s be honest, it isn’t super exciting to talk about. But did you know it’s a versatile product in the sense that it helps solve a wide range of common problems and can be used on commercial properties, homes, and cars? While window film can be used in these different settings, this blog is focusing all on commercial window tinting and how it can help solve many different problems in a business setting. 

So, if you are a business owner, property manager, facilities manager, or simply work in an office setting, this one's for you! Keep on reading to learn more about the different types of commercial window tinting products that are available and how they can improve your space for an affordable price!

Want to discuss options?

  • Solar Film - Increases energy efficiency 
  • Decorative Window Film - Increases privacy & adds design
  • Window Security Film - Strengthens glass
  • Anti-Graffiti Film - Protects glass
  • Building Wraps - Offers a modern building design


Energy efficient windows for commercial buildings

Solar film


Solar film is the type of window film you are probably most familiar with. In this category of window film, you have heat-blocking window film, glare-reducing window film, energy-efficient window film, UV window film, etc. To put it simply, this is the type of window film that is going to make your space feel more comfortable. 

Solar Art installs solar film for businesses every single day to help with problems of extreme heat, glare, and sun fading. We frequently see solar film for storefront window tinting in businesses as well as glass throughout the office that let in a ton of heat and glare. When it comes to solar film, you have a ton of options. You can choose from a ceramic window tint, which isn’t going to drastically change the look of your space. 

Or you can go for a more reflective option that will offer the maximum amount of heat and glare rejection while also increasing privacy. Regardless of the direction you go in, solar film is going to reduce heat, reduce glare, block ultraviolet rays, and ultimately, make your commercial space more comfortable and energy-efficient. 

Increased privacy & design for commercial buildings

Decorative window film


Decorative window film is exactly what it sounds like, it’s decorative. It’s most frequently used to increase privacy or add a decorative design/aesthetic to an office space. In this category of window film you are going to see frosted window film, blackout window film, whiteout window film, patterned window film, and so much more. Decorative window film is extremely popular when it comes to businesses and Solar Art is installing it multiple times every day. When it comes to decorative window film, we frequently see it being installed in storefronts, private offices, conference rooms, break rooms, and storage rooms. 

Blackout window film and whiteout window film provide maximum privacy and are going to prevent people from being able to see out of the glass. We all have that area of the office that is a mess and we don’t want anyone to see, like storage areas. Decorative window film is perfect for these areas because they are going to prevent people from seeing into the building. These types of decorative window films are also great for storefronts or areas of a building that might have confidential information or supplies that you want to hide from the public view. 

Frosted window film is opaque and is also going to hinder people’s ability to see into our glass. We typically see this being installed in storefront windows, private office glass, conference room glass, and break-room glass. It has a clean look that also gives the space a decorative look. If you are looking for more of a design aspect, there are tons of patterned window films available that you can choose from, ranging from dots, to stripes, to geometric shapes. These patterned window films are also going to increase privacy while adding this decorative element. Solar Art frequently sees decorative window film installed to both full coverage glass as well as partial glass or bands, depending on what the customer is looking for. Basically, with decorative window film, you have a ton of options for any type of situation you are in.

Shatterproof windows & increased business security

Window security film


Window security film is a different service Solar Art offers that is extremely popular in business window tinting. Window security film is similar to anti-graffiti film in the sense that they both protect your commercial space. While anti-graffiti film protects your building from different types of vandalism, window security film protects your space from intruders, break-ins, natural disasters, and accidents.

Window security film is ideal for storefronts, which are high target areas for break-ins. The security film is installed directly onto your glass surface and immediately strengthens your glass by 2-3 times. You can install it with a silicone attachment, which we highly recommend. Installing your security film with a silicone attachment provides extra strength than the security film alone. By strengthening your glass you are prolonging forced-entry time. What that means is if someone is trying to break in, it’s going to take them more time to get through the glass, allowing more time for help to arrive. 

Most office spaces and commercial buildings have some sort of security system. Whether it’s security cameras or an alarm system, you probably have a form of security in your space. Window security film is an easy addition to existing security systems and is a cost-effective way to give you a complete security system. Have we sold you yet?

Security film is great because it gives you options. It doesn’t just come in an optically clear option. If you are looking for a clear option where intruders or employees/customers don’t know it’s there, then great! There is an optically clear option that would be the perfect fit. However, if that’s not what you are looking for, you’ve got other options. Security film also comes in a neutral and reflective option. Both of these choices are going to significantly reduce heat and reduce glare in addition to the security benefits of the optically clear option. 

Window graphics & wall graphics for your commercial building

Custom graphics


Custom graphics are similar to decorative window film in the sense that they are frequently used to increase privacy and add a decorative design. The biggest difference between the two is that with custom graphics, you have the flexibility to create anything you want...and Solar Art is fortunate enough to have our very own in-house graphics department making the process even easier! 

When it comes to custom graphics, we frequently see businesses install their company logo, store hours, or mission statements for branding and advertising purposes to storefront glass conference rooms, private offices, or wherever else in your commercial space you need the custom graphics. Our graphics department can help you create the custom graphics if you aren’t sure what exactly you are looking for, or if you do know what you are looking for, we will help you bring that vision to life. You can pick the material you want the custom graphics to be cut out of and we can install’s that simple.

Building protection solutions

Anti-graffiti film


Not only can window film make a space more comfortable or add a decorative design, but it can also protect your commercial space. Solar Art gets several requests every day regarding anti-graffiti film for businesses. As a business owner, you are probably no stranger to vandalism and everyday wear and tear, especially if you are in a major city where there is a lot of foot traffic. Constantly replacing glass after it gets tagged or scratched gets very expensive very quickly. If you are a business owner that has ever been in this situation, anti-graffiti film could be the perfect solution for your business. 

Typically, storefronts are the most targeted glass in businesses because they can be seen by anyone. They are highly susceptible to different kinds of vandalism like graffiti and etching. In addition to vandalism, storefronts are typically where your customers and employees are entering the building. Inevitably, it’s easy for storefront glass to get scratched from keys and everyday general wear and tear. This is frustrating because general wear and tear happens and there isn’t much you can do about it. Anti-graffiti film is a more cost-effective and affordable solution than replacing your glass every time it gets damaged. 

Anti-graffiti film is installed directly onto your glass surface and starts providing immediate protection against different kinds of vandalism, like graffiti, etching, scratching, and more. 

While storefront glass is the most common request for anti-graffiti film, mirrors, display cases, elevators, and escalators are all also popular. These are all high trafficked areas that are easily susceptible to damage and places where damage can be extremely noticeable. 

If the anti-graffiti film does get damaged, all you have to do is call up Solar Art and we will get a crew out there to get you a quote ASAP. Once the quote is approved, our installation team will go on-site, remove the damaged window film, and replace it with a fresh new layer. It’s that simple. The days of unsightly damaged glass are behind you. 

Modern building design

Exterior building wraps


Exterior building wraps are probably the least talked about window film service, but they can completely transform an entire commercial building. The other services we have already talked about in this blog are great if you are only looking to do certain portions of your building. Exterior building wraps are the solution if your entire building needs a facelift. 

Old and outdated buildings are an eyesore, but the cost of completely renovating and redesigning an entire building can get really expensive quickly. Exterior building wraps rejuvenate the look of your building, making it aesthetically pleasing to employees, customers, and potential tenants looking to rent a space. 

Not only do exterior building wraps freshen up the look of your building, but they also make it more energy efficient by blocking up to 75% of heat, reducing glare, and blocking 99% of ultraviolet rays. You might even be eligible for a utility rebate through your utility company, which is a bonus. 

Interested in Commercial Window Film?

We told you window film has a ton of different purposes, most of which you probably had no idea about. If you own a commercial space, commercial window film might be the answer to a problem you are having. Regardless of the type of window film needed, it is a cost-effective and simple building upgrade that requires no hassle on your end. If you are interested in learning more about commercial window film or would like to move forward with getting a free consultation, click below to schedule a time with one of our expert sales representatives that are in your area!  

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