Window Film Frequently Asked Questions

July 12, 2021

7 Frequently Asked Window Film Questions


The world of window film and what it includes isn’t usually common knowledge, making our industry pretty complex. There are different window film services that all have different purposes and benefits, making it complicated. Solar Art gets asked similar questions by customers that are in various fields that we serve. Keep on reading to learn more about the seven most frequently asked window film questions Solar Art gets daily and our in-depth answers of them:

    1. Can window film be installed to plexiglass?
    2. Does window film come in different colors?
    3. Can you get privacy at night with window film?
    4. Can window film make glass crack?
    5. How much does window film cost?
    6. Is window film removable?
    7. Can you layer window film for added protection?

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  • Solar Films - Reduces heat & glare
  • Decorative Films - Increases privacy & adds design
  • Security & Graffiti Film - Protects against intruders & vandalism


Can window film be installed to plexiglass?

Whether or not window film can be installed to plexiglass is a common question we get, because we have quite a few customers that have skylights made out of plexiglass in both residential and commercial settings. While there are a few window films that do adhere to plexiglass, most of them won’t as they were made for standard glass and won’t adhere properly to plexiglass. Hanita makes two different window films, PolyZone SkyLite and Silver Poly, that both adhere to plexiglass. They are heat-reducing window films that will make your space cooler, more comfortable, and are completely safe to be installed on plexiglass. 

Llumar also makes a product that can safely be installed on plexiglass called Dusted Crystal Poly. The first two window films we talked about are more for heat-reducing purposes, and this option is a decorative window film that will increase privacy and add a design factor. To learn more about skylight window film, check out our blog

If you are reading this and aren’t sure whether or not your glass is standard glass or plexiglass, you don’t have to worry. When you work with Solar Art, part of our process is to send out one of our expert sales representatives who can answer questions just like this. They will be able to let you know whether your glass is plexiglass or standard glass and will recommend a window film that is appropriate for your scope of work.

Does window film come in different colors?


Yes, window film does come in different colors. But, before we dive into colors specifically, it’s important to note that there are different types of window film that are used for very different purposes: 

Solar film colors

Solar film is a category of window film that is used mainly for sun fading, heat-reducing, and glare-reducing purposes. Whether or not solar film comes in different colors, it’s more like different shades, rather than colors. They all reduce some amount of heat, glare and protect against ultraviolet rays, but they all have different hues of color to differentiate them. Some will have a more gray, blue, or green hue than others. Then there is ceramic window tint, which contains no metal or dye and is going to be your most optically clear option. When it comes to solar film, there is a wide variety of shades you can choose from, which our customers love. 

Decorative window film colors

Decorative window film is another category of window film used for decorative and privacy purposes. In this category, you will see frosted window film, blackout window film, whiteout window film, etc. Decorative window film does come in different colors, but there is more variety in patterns than colors. There are different shapes you can choose from: like stripes, circles, and other fun geometric shapes to give your space a custom touch while also increasing privacy. Again, you have a lot of options to choose from with decorative window film to make your space look exactly how you want. 

Can you get privacy at night with window film?

Getting privacy at night is one of the most commonly asked questions at Solar Art. Many of our customers are looking for increased privacy at night while still having visibility out of the glass. Unfortunately, as of right now, there isn’t a window film product made that achieves this goal. You can, however, use different decorative window films, such as frosted window film, blackout window film, or whiteout window film, to achieve nighttime privacy. While these decorative window films will give you privacy at night, you won’t be able to see in or out of the glass during both the daytime and nighttime. 

If you are interested in learning more about getting privacy at night and what your different options are, check out our blog, where we go into more detail about the window film options that are available on the market. 

Can window film cause glass to crack?


This question is probably one of the more important ones we will cover in this blog because the wrong window film can, in fact, cause your glass to crack. The reason that window film can make glass crack is due to the film absorbing too much heat. This is why it’s important to know whether your glass is single pane or dual pane because there are certain window films that are appropriate for each one.

As we mentioned earlier, part of our process if you decide to work with us is to have a sales representative meet with you onsite to get the details of the project. One of the reasons why we do this is so they can see what kind of glass you have and recommend a safe window film that isn’t going to make your glass crack. 

How much does window film cost?

If you are interested in window film and think it might be a good fit for your project, but you also don’t want to break the bank, we get it. Window film is one of the more cost-effective window treatments or building/home upgrades you can go with. In terms of how much window film costs, prices vary based on the different manufacturers, category of window film, and the type of window film that you are having installed. For example, not only does solar film have a different price than decorative window film, but the different types of solar films also have different pricing...which makes putting an exact cost difficult to do. 

With that being said, window film prices are generally based on the square footage of glass your project has, and just so you get an idea of numbers, on average, solar film can cost anywhere between $6/sqft and $18/sqft. Our sales representatives will be able to go into further detail about pricing when they meet with you and can show you different samples of what you are interested in as well as what they cost. If you have more questions regarding how much window film costs, feel free to contact us today!

Is window film removable?

Is window film removable

The Solar Art team can remove any window film without damaging your glass surface. Now, while window film can be removed, it isn’t easily removable in the sense that you need to worry about it falling off over time. If properly maintained, window film can last several years in both residential and commercial settings.

If you are looking to have the window film removed, Solar Art recommends contacting a professional company to do the work to ensure no damage is done to the glass. The process of removing window film requires a scraper blade that can scratch your glass VERY easily. All of the installers at Solar Art have been trained and have the proper tools needed to remove the window film without scratching your glass. To learn more about the window film removal process, what’s involved in the process, and why you would need your window film removed, check out our blog

Can you layer window film for added protection?

The simple answer is yes; you can layer window film. But does it add extra protection? No, it doesn’t, and Solar Art doesn’t recommend layering window film, and I will tell you why. First off, whether you are installing window film for heat/glare-reducing purposes or security/graffiti purposes, installing two layers on top of each other isn’t going to provide you with more protection. The films aren’t going to adhere together, the appearance of the window film is going to be negatively impacted, and the lifespan of your window film is going to be shorter. Not to mention, if you decide to layer your window film, your warranty is going to be voided. The manufacturer’s warranty for window film is only valid with proper installation and care. Window film has to be installed on flat glass, not on another window film. For more information on the ins and outs of layering window film, check out our blog

If you are looking for ways to get added protection, instead of layering window film, you can install window film on both the interior and exterior of the glass with an attachment system. Installing security film to both the interior and exterior with attachment system is going to strengthen it and add extra protection in case of intruders. If heat/glare are your problems, installing solar film to the interior and exterior will provide maximum heat rejection and glare rejection benefits than just one side alone. 

Those are Solar Art's Answers to Window Film Frequently Asked Questions

There you have it! In-depth answers to seven of Solar Art’s most frequently asked questions we get from our customers daily. Our entire team is trained and can help answer any further questions regarding window film and window film installations. If you are interested in learning more about window film or have an upcoming project, click below to speak with one of our representatives.

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