What to Know When it Comes to Tinting Skylights

May 14, 2019

Skylight Window Film

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Many homes and office buildings have skylights, as they are a great architectural touch and let in a ton of natural light. But like all windows, skylights let in heat and glare which comes with that wonderful natural light. Skylights can be tricky when it comes to installing window film, but is doable if you do your research and are well informed. Solar Art has installed plenty of skylight window film so we can walk you through the process, no problem! 

What skylight window film can offer

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Tinting skylights is the same process as installing window film on standard windows. The window film is applied directly onto the surface and is designed to block the sun’s heat and light. Skylight window film blocks 99% of UVA and UVB rays, up to 63% of the sun’s heat, and up to 62% of the sun’s glare. Skylight window tinting keeps your rooms cool and comfortable, reduces glare and harsh reflections while not noticeably darkening your rooms. 

What are your skylights made of?

skylight window film

Knowing what your skylights are made of is extremely important because that will determine what window film should be applied to them. Typically, skylights are made of either glass or plexiglass. If your skylights are glass, you are good to go with standard window film. However, if your skylights are made of plexiglass, standard window film won't adhere to it. If your skylights are plexiglass, don't worry, we offer a few different window films that work great on plexiglass skylights! Hanita offers two window films for plexiglass called PolyZone SkyLite and Silver Poly. These are both extreme heat blocking window films that will make your space noticeably cooler and significantly reduce glare. Llumar also has a window film that will adhere to plexiglass called Dusted Crystal Poly. This is more of a decorative window film than solar film. It is a translucent window film that will increase privacy and add a design factor.  

Where are your skylights located and what is the shape?

skylight window tinting

Being as skylights are in the ceiling, they may pose as a challenge to get to. When it comes to glass skylights, window film can be applied to the interior and exterior. Interior skylights are more easily accessible. Some rooftops are easy and safe for our installation team to get to while others or not. Plexiglass skylight installations are interior installations and access normally isn't an issue. Solar Art will work with you to determine if installation will be safe or viable. Knowing the shape of your skylights is also very important to know. Regardless of being glass or plexiglass, only flat surfaces can have window film installed. Acrylic dome shaped skylights cannot have any window film applied to it because of the curvature. 

Solar Art Window Film

We know that was a lot of information to take in. If you are unsure of what your skylights are made of or what the right window film is, we can help you every step of the way. At Solar Art, we help homeowners and business owners transform their properties all of the time with skylight window film. Talk to us today about treating your skylights with energy efficient window film!

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