Can Window Film be Layered?

August 6, 2019

What happens if you layer window film?

why you shouldnt layer window films

If you’ve considered installing window tint, either by yourself or by a professional company, you might have wondered if layering will improve your window performance. The short and simple answer is, no it will not. It can actually be harmful to your windows. Solar Art has a few different reasons why you shouldn’t layer window tint:

Why you shouldn't layer window film

  • Warranty - Your window film warranty will be compromised
  • Appearance/Lifespan - The appearance of the window film is negatively impacted & the lifespan is shorter
  • Heat - There is no heat blocking difference


The window film warranty will be compromised 

layering window film voids warranty

If you had window film professionally installed, the first element that’s compromised by layering the window film is the warranty. The manufacturer's warranty for window film depends on proper installation and care, which limits the installation to just film on flat glass, not film on film. Layering window film will void any warranty.

The appearance of the window film will be negatively impacted 

Layering window film will also impact the appearance. Water is part of the installation process and bubbles are actually part of the drying process and normal for up to 60 days. Installing a second layer of window film before the first layer has fully dried can ruin the appearance of the installation. When double-layered, the edges of the film would be evident, which will impact the appearance. In addition to the bubbles and film edges, it is nearly impossible to get a completely clean install with no dirt on top of the film. With that being said, layering window film will make dirt noticeable. 

The lifespan of your window tint is shorterwhy you shouldnt layer window film

Layering window film can shorten its life expectancy, as it’s designed to bind with glass, not other tint. When the window film isn't installed properly, it has a higher risk of becoming damaged and will need to be removed and reinstalled correctly. Layering window film will break the glue down much faster than if it was properly installed, resulting in the window film peeling or lifting from the glass. Not only will this shorten the lifespan of the window film, it's not going to look appealing. It will cost you more money in the long run to remove and replace the layered window film with properly installed window film.  

There is no heat blocking difference 

does layering window film reduce heat

Some people might want to layer solar window film because they think it will block even more heat and glare than a single layer would, which is actually incorrect. All window tint offered by Solar Art will block 99% of the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays, as well as reduce some amount of heat and glare. Layering window film does not increase its heat blocking properties. The cooling features work the same on either the outside or the inside of your windows, but layering window tint will not make your room any cooler. As a matter of fact, layering window film can absorb more heat and you are much more likely to crack your glass or even cause seal failure.

What about layering security window film & anti graffiti film?

Security window film and anti-graffiti film also shouldn't be layered. Layering either security window film or anti graffiti film will have the same consequences as any other type of window film. Your warranty will be voided, the install won't have a clean appearance and you won't have any added protection. 

Can you install an interior and exterior layer of window film?

If you are looking for added protection/security or increased heat reduction, you can install an exterior window film and an interior window film on the same window, but not on the same side. When it comes to solar film, you aren't going to be able to get the same exact window film installed, as interior films are different from exterior films. The color will be a little off, but you won't see much of a difference look wise. Installing an exterior window film with an interior window film will reduce more heat and glare than just one layer or double layering. 

The same goes for security window film and anti graffiti film. Installing a layer on the interior and exterior of the glass will add extra security to protect your windows from damage or intruders. 

What are the other window film options for added protection and maximum heat reduction?

layer window film to reduce heat

If you don't want to worry about dealing with the color matching and the cost of installing two separate window films, but are looking for maximum heat rejection, you can install a darker window film. Installing a reflective window film or a limo tint will reduce the most amount of heat from entering a space, but can only be installed on certain types of glass because of heat absorption. If you are unsure what your windows are made of, it is important to get a professional out there to ensure you are installing the appropriate window film for your project.  

Solar Art Window Film 

We know that was a lot of information to take in, but we hope we’ve shed some light on the idea of layering your window film. If you want to increase the amount of heat entering your space, adding an additional layer on top of existing window film is not the answer. The safe answer for long-lived, high-performing film is to simply replace and reinstall higher-performing window film that will meet your needs. Doing this will save you money in the long-run with properly-installed film that performs the way it was designed to. If you have any questions or feel confused about any of your different options, reach out to Solar Art and one of our sales representatives will be able to answer any questions you may have or help you decode which window film will work best for you! 

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