Window Film for Colleges and Universities

August 13, 2019

How Schools Can Utilize Window Film 

window film for colleges and universities

Colleges and universities might be time-tested institutions, but they don’t need to look and feel ancient! As people are spending more time on campus, colleges are stepping up their game for a more comfortable and inviting experience for everyone. We have come up with a few ways you can maximize your campus’s potential with window film!

1. Install solar film for more efficient buildings

College campus buildings are typically huge, old, and inefficient. California summers (which lasts most of the year, it seems) are a huge strain on local electricity providers. With classrooms and laboratories featuring more electronic services and serving more people, keeping the rooms cool is important. A campus building that has a ton of windows loses a ton of energy to the outside every day by letting the sunlight in to warm rooms. If a campus wants to be greener (like the UC pledged to be by 2025), making windows more energy efficient is a great first step. Solar film can block up to 63% of the sunlight from entering classrooms and labs. Tinted window film also cuts glare on computer monitors and projectors. Installing window film is a fraction of the cost of double-paned windows and also cuts your AC through the year, so it’s a win-win situation.

install window film for efficient buildings

2. Install security window film for student safety

You can’t predict when disaster will strike, but safety always is a top concern for students, faculty, and their families. Security window film like 3M security film turns that fragile glass into a flexible point of protection. Security window film strengthens glass by 2-3 times. It also absorbs impacts to reduce shattering, and also contains the shattered glass if it does break. Protect your glass windows and doors from intruders, attackers, natural disasters, and freak accidents and give your student body peace of mind.

install security window film for student safety

3. Install anti graffiti film for easy repairs

Nothing’s more annoying than finding your windows have gotten scratched--and then learning the cost of replacing the whole glass is super expensive. Graffiti and vandalism also affects bathroom stalls, elevators, mirrors, and signs. Solar Art offers a variety of anti-graffiti film depending on the surface. We have a clear anti graffiti film that will protect your glass by preventing the scratches and paint from reaching the glass. Metal Shield anti-graffiti film protects elevator and bathroom stall surfaces from vandalism. Cover those mirrors with mirror graffiti film to enhance and preserve your college restroom’s look. Replace the film quickly and affordably, and put your best foot forward for potential new students.

install anti graffiti film

4. Install wall graphics and window graphics for college spirit

Take advantage of all that wall space around the libraries, hallways, and exteriors with custom wall graphics that really shows off your college spirit! Custom wall art can direct new students, highlight important events, your college’s vision, or just provide some cool visuals for people to admire. Motivational quotes on the wall inspires your students to do their best. We can design any custom wall art for your space.

wall mural for universities

5. Decorative window film for better focus and privacy

Study rooms and classrooms provide a valuable learning space for students, but obviously glass windows let people see in and out. Let your students focus and get better grades with decorative window film that is both beautiful and functional. A subtle distraction pattern creates a boundary, but you can still see through the pattern if needed. Install frosted window film for more complete privacy. Laboratories can also benefit from tinted privacy window film and blackout window film to protect those costly machines and hazardous chemicals while still seeing out.

decorative window film for school privacy

Solar Art Window Film

Colleges are making more efforts to be modern, both design-wise and environmentally. Since students and faculty demand more than ever, don’t get left behind with an outdated college campus that costs a fortune to maintain and doesn’t communicate your college vision. Talk to Solar Art today about affordable ways to renovate your campus!

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