The Do's and Dont's of Window Film

July 30, 2019

Will Window Film Stick to Textured Glass? 

the dos and donts of window film

Window film and what it offers isn't common knowledge and can be confusing if you aren't familiar with the different products and technical terms. Window film is used for a variety of different reasons ranging anywhere from heat reduction to increased security to design. There are many types of window films and window film can be the solution to a lot of different problems. If you are considering window film for either your home or office space, one thing to research and know ahead of time is what your window is made of. 

Window film doesn’t adhere to every kind of surface, so it's important to know the type of window you have. To put it simply, window film works best and has the longest lifespan when applied to glass. If you aren't sure what type of window you have and aren't sure if window film is a good option or not, don't worry, we have broken it down for you. Let’s learn more!

Want to learn the do's & don't of window film?

  • Textured Glass - Don't install window film to textured glass
  • Plexiglass - Only certain window film can be installed to plexiglass
  • Condensation - Window film won't stop condensation.


What is window film and how does it work?

Briefly, window film is a layer of durable polyester that can block the sun’s light as well as harmful UVA and UVB rays. Window film can be used for a variety of different purposes including safety and security, graffiti protection, heat and glare reduction, and creating a decorative look. You can choose from a variety of different colors and shades. Window film has a sticky adhesive side that is applied directly onto the surface itself. One question Solar Art gets a lot when it comes to window film is, how do you remove tinted film from glass? That's a great question. Window film isn't permanent in the sense that it can be removed from glass, but we recommend it's done by a professional company like Solar Art to ensure there is no damage done to your glass. If you decide you would like your window film removed, simply call us up and our installation team can remove the existing window film with no damage to your glass.  

Can window film be applied to textured glass?

can window film be installed on textured glass

Solar Art often gets requests to install window film to textured glass. Textured glass is one type of surface that window film shouldn't be applied to. Why? Window film needs a smooth surface like a typical glass window. The installation process involves applying the window film with water and squeegeeing it right out. Textured glass would keep water in the space between the film and glass, which will undermine the film’s performance, look, and physical bond and thus severely limit its lifespan and usefulness.

If you are looking for textured glass without the steep price, decorative window film comes in a variety of different textures and can design your glass windows for an affordable price. An added bonus of decorative window film is that it can easily be removed and replaced with no damage to the surface and you also get UV blocking properties. Textured glass doesn't offer that.

Can window film be applied to plexiglass?

can window film be installed on plexi glass

It is important to know if your windows are made out of plexiglass or not. There is a special skylight window film that will adhere to plexiglass. Standard window film, however, will not. Plexiglass is plastic and window film won't adhere to it. Plexiglass also undergoes outgassing, or releases chemicals in the plexiglass itself. Outgassing will undermine the adhesive bond and cause the film to bubble and deteriorate, meaning your entire plexiglass windows will need to be replaced. If you think your windows might be made out of plexiglass, it is important to get a professional out there to ensure you are getting the right product installed.

Will window film stop condensation? 

does window film stop condensation on windows

On a related note, we also get many questions about window film and condensation. Window film won't block condensation on your windows. Since condensation is caused by air moisture and temperature differences between the glass and your rooms, more effective solutions include decreasing humidity, installing weatherstripping, and others. Window film does not aid in keeping the moisture out since the moisture is already in the air around you.

Solar Art Window Film

In summary, standard window film shouldn't be applied to plexiglass or textured glass. It also won’t prevent condensation from forming. However, window film will give you a lot of benefits that traditional glass or plexiglass can’t. Window film can block the sun’s heat and invisible UV light. It can give you privacy, or strengthen your windows against shatter and vandalism. Window film can affordably be replaced at any time, and lasts for years.Talk to Solar Art today about enhancing your glass windows with window film. Our team is ready and waiting to help!

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