How To Remove Window Tint

December 7, 2020

Removing Old Window Tint


The majority of our blogs here at Solar Art talk about window film installations, which makes sense since that’s what most of our customers are looking to do. But, what we haven’t talked very much about is how to remove window tint, which is a question we do get quite a bit at our different locations.

How to remove window film? How to remove window tint glue from house windows? Best ways to remove old window tint? You name it, we’ve been asked it. So we figured, why not create a blog around this topic to address any questions about the window film removal process! Keep on reading to learn:

  • How to remove old window tint & how to remove window film adhesive
  • Who can remove old window tinting
  • Why you would need to remove window film

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How to remove old window tint & how to remove window film adhesive

In this first portion of the blog, we are going to talk about the window film removal process. What tools are needed, how to remove the window film adhesive, and things like that. But, before we get to that, I’m going to backtrack and talk about how window film is first installed so you have a better understanding of what I’m talking about when we talk about the removal process. Window film has a lining on the back that is pulled off so it can stick to the glass with adhesive. Once the window film is on the glass, our installation crew uses hard cards, squeegees, and other tools to complete the installation.

Now, for the removal process, the window film itself is easy to remove from the glass and can be peeled off, but it leaves behind the adhesive, which is tricky to get off. To remove the sticky adhesive from glass a razor blade is needed to scrape it all off. Once all of the film and adhesive are removed from the glass, the window needs to be thoroughly cleaned.  

Who can remove old window tinting?

Graffiti-film-installation--1Who can remove old window tinting is one of the most common questions Solar Art representatives get asked by our customers. The short answer is, technically, anyone who has a razor blade can remove old window tinting. Customers can remove their window tinting by themselves, but Solar Art doesn’t recommend it, and here’s why. It is SO easy to scratch your glass. Like just in general, without talking about removing window film, scratching glass is very easy to do.

Removing window film yourself puts you at a much greater risk of scratching your glass because of the scraper blade that is needed to do it. Every one of Solar Art’s installers has been thoroughly trained and has the proper tools needed to remove window film and window film adhesive without scratching your glass. If you do decide to remove your window film and you scratch the glass, it can be pretty pricey to replace, which is why we recommend a professional installer does it. 

Why would you need to remove window film? 

There are a couple of different reasons why you would need to remove window film: 

  1. You want a change. If a new window film comes on the market that might be higher-performing, Solar Art has seen customers remove their existing window film and replace it with the newer, higher performing film. 
  2. If you have a decorative window film like a frosted window film, we have seen customers want to switch it up and install a patterned window film instead. 
  3. If you have anti-graffiti film installed. The purpose of anti-graffiti film is to be removed if vandalism occurs. In this instance, our installation team goes onsite and removes the damaged anti-graffiti film and replaces it with a fresh new layer. 
  4. Finally, just like with everything else in life, window film gets old. Window film does have a long lifespan of several years if taken care of properly, but eventually, it gets old and weathered, especially if it’s an exterior window film. If this does happen, customers will remove their old window film and replace it with a fresh new layer. 

That’s How to Remove Window Film!

There it is! How to remove window tint, how to remove window film adhesive, who can remove old window tinting, and why you would ever need to remove window film. We hope this sheds some light on the whole process and why Solar Art recommends a professional helps with the window film removal process. If you have any questions or have your own window film that needs to be removed, give Solar Art a call today!

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