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September 15, 2016

The architect contacted our team to provide a solution to their wrap and film needs in Santa Monica, California. They were looking for a cost efficient, and effective way to change the appearance of their building’s exterior, as well as combat the solar heat and radiation coming through their windows. They were in good hands with us!

Images Say All

You can see in the images above and below that there are many fine attributes with the recent wrap and window film project completion. The window films are productive in their intent, while offering a complimentary addition to the overall look of the building.

The Issues

When the client came to us, the main issue was the need for an updated look for the exterior of the building. Many ways to do this can become very costly and time consuming. We needed to find a solution that would be affordable, effective, and efficient!

 Secondly, the windows of the building were allowing in high levels of solar heat and radiation. This made the interior uncomfortably hot with potential for damage to furnishings and electronics.


Our Product Package: Solutionexterior-window-coverings.jpg

“With this project, the architect came to us with a design to change the entire look of [the] building. We were able to do this by [fabricating and installing] vinyl building wraps. We call this exterior refinishing. Exterior refinishing is often done to update the look of an old(er) building, or often done when buyers want to flip a building and sell it. These different colored wraps were applied to the spandrel glass in a specific pattern to achieve the look they wanted.

The second portion of this project was [constructed and installed] to increase the efficiency of the glass to save on the energy bill. Our custom exterior blue film was applied to the exterior of all the vision glass which aided in updating the look, as well as reducing the heat coming in (TSER), blocking the UV Rays and reducing the glare which is important for tenant comfort.” -Owner

Why These Tools?

It is important to consider all facets of your situation when choosing the right product for your particular needs. For this job, we wanted to provide a solution that would succeed in achieving their final end goal, as well as offer longevity with the products. Wraps are great for making a huge statement with minimal effort. We bring high quality products and superior service standards to the table with all projects, and this one was no different! You can view more feature projects like this in our portfolio here.

 If you are considering the benefits afforded to your establishment with the same or similar products, then reach out to our team of professionals. We offer free consultation services to determine the best course of action for achieving your aspirations. Don’t wait for the right time, make it the right time! Click the button below to tell us about your project!

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Written by: Solar Art – Santa Monica, California

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