Heat Reducing Window Film- Pasadena, CA Residence

September 22, 2016

Pasadena, CA – UV Protection with Window Film in Kitchen & Sunroom 

A home owner from Pasadena, CA was looking for a window film solution that would work against glare, UV radiation, and solar heat. They called Solar Art looking for the ideal film, and we worked with the customer to find a film that worked best for their needs. 

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When you are looking for an effective heat reducing window film, you really want the final look to be as equally appealing as it is productive. In this case, we worked with the customer to find a film that would not only help with glare, UV radiation, and heat, but would also look great. You can see the final result in the image above.


Providing the Right Product

When the customer came to us for help with a solar heat, radiation, and glare issue, we knew we had products that would provide a perfect solution. We offered a variety of window films that give protection against these problems, and a final decision was made!

The window film that was chosen was Llumar N1050, which is made with sputtered technology that not only provides reduction of heat and radiation, but that also gives clearer visibility. Llumar N1050 provides 42% heat rejection and blocks 99% of the harmful UV rays. The customer had a table that was being damaged from radiation. This film will help prevent further fading. The client was extremely satisfied with the results!

Window Films for All Occasions  

privacy film for offices

Window films are not only for residential use. There are films that are meant to aid different facilities for several purposes. An example of this is privacy in both residential and commercial settings. Frosted and obscure window films are very popular for glass walls, partitions separating office and conference rooms, or even preventing nosy neighbors from seeing in. The key is to trust in our team to supply cohesive answers for your window film needs!

Side Effects of Solar Emittance

Solar heat, UV radiation, and glare are all awful side effects of allowing in natural light. Blinds are a hefty amount of work, and take considerable upkeep to keep them clean. Changing out the windows themselves is time consuming, and will require a large financial investment. Window films are an option that is not only affordable, but also efficient and minimal maintenance. See up to 99% of reduction and protection for a fraction of the stress other options cause!

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