Frosted Film and Wall Graphics at BayWa.r.e Offices- Irvine, CA

September 29, 2016

 When BayWa.r.e Offices in Irvine, California came to us for a custom product package, we were thrilled! Our team loves the opportunity to show off our custom fabrication and installation skills, and this was a perfect time to do just that!

Below, you can see the image of the completed custom print on frosted film and wall graphics that were installed to to share in the branding statements found in their other office located in Europe. You can see the completed installation of the custom print and cut window film. It offers insight into the company as a whole, and their branding.

The End GoalIMG_0035.jpg

The client came to us with a design, but were unsure of the best approach for achieving their ideas. They wanted to correlate the branding of this project with the visual brandingoffered at another European office, and we were ready for the challenge!

The conference room glass was our first concern. They needed to add privacy features to the commercial office glass walls, while adding their logo and matching the aesthetic to the other design.

 The second issue we face on a return visit was the need for a wall graphic package to accent a wall.


Ask and You Shall Receive!custom-wall-coverings.jpg

We suggested a clear frost PET film that was UV printable in order to solve the issue of privacy and branding. The chosen graphics were printed, and then the pattern cut. Finally, our team used our best methods for installation. We faced challenges along the way, as we had to find a layout that would work with the large print. Thankfully, our experts met it head on! By putting in more time and a superior service standard behind the project we were able to complete the project to their satisfaction!

When we came back, the client had painted a wall green, and wanted the accent graphics to feature lettering in their desired layout. They sent us the design, and we worked IMG_0036.jpgwith them on finding the size that would match the location.

Time was an issue with this project, as the CEO was coming soon. We were able to meet the time deadlines, and provide a complete solution that met their needs. The client and our team were both thrilled with the final results!

Why Frosted Films?

There are many types of window films that can be used in an office and business setting, and one of the most sought after is frosted and etched films. They offer the appearance of elegant frost and custom etching, and are smudge and fingerprint resistant. This means they can be cleaned easily with soap and water, and are more affordable than the actual etching process. The tailoring options make this a great investment for any business looking to upgrade the aesthetic of their facility.

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Written by: Solar Art – Los Angeles, California

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