Beverly Hills, CA – Anti-Graffiti Mirror Film for Restaurant

September 8, 2016

When a restaurant from Beverly Hills, California was in need of a glass film solution, they can to our team of experts. Their bathroom mirror had suffered damage, and needed to be removed and replaced. We were happy to take charge of this challenge, and provide our client with results! 

A mirror with graffiti holds no use to anyone. This is why we needed to jump into action with this project. You can see the tagged mirror in the image above. You can certainly see why there was an issue

How We Did Itmirror-anti-graffiti-film.jpg

The anti-graffiti glass film protects the mirror below, and keeps it from becoming scratched or damaged. When this mirror was written upon, we removed and reinstalled the film using LLumar 6mil Anti-Graffiti film with a removable adhesive that protects the underlying glass. The results were definite, and the client was pleased with the end results!

What Does It Do?

Our team will apply the anti-graffiti mirror film on many types of surfaces, though the most sought after are glass and mirror surfaces. The visibility through the film is still clear, as the film is transparent in design. If you didn’t know ahead of time, you would never know it is there. When surfaces are tagged, the removable adhesive allows us to easily remove the film without effecting the glass beneath it!

anti-graffit-window-filmBenefits and Who See Them

There are many different business or facilities that can see benefits in these projects. Some of the more common places are bus/train stations, public restrooms, libraries, clubs, theaters, and restaurants. There is nothing better as a business to hear, than that a product will be saving you money. The cost and time needed to completely change the glass or mirror in a facility is overwhelming. This options allows for convenience and ease in its affordability and quick installation. Ask us how your business can see these benefits specifically!

What We Offer

When you need to protect your investments, you want a higher quality of product backing you. We offer anti-graffiti films that are at the head of the industry. With our team on hand, you can choose the right options for your needs. Trust in our ability to complete the services you need with the products you want!

Our Mission and Promise to You

It is our company’s mission to ensure every client receives the products and service standards to succeed in their window and glass film aspirations. Our dedication to our projects is evident in our high quality products, trained techniques, state of the art equipment, and work ethic. Begin your journey to an effective anti-graffiti package by picking up the phone today! We will provide a free consultation to get you on the path to a film adventure!

Are you interested in hearing more about this recent project, and others like it? Would you like to learn more about the other products and services that we offer? Request a quote by clicking on the button below! 

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Written by: Solar Art – Beverly Hills, California

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