Professionally Installed Window Film vs. Pre Cut Window Tint Kits

April 9, 2019

Should You Install Window Film or Have it Installed For You?

how to install window film

Window privacy and efficiency is a growing concern amongst homeowners. As customers look for an easy solution to blocking heat and prying eyes, do-it-yourself packs are more common than ever. But do those packs really deliver the results that customers want, or should they ask professionals to do it? Since Solar Art specializes in solar film, you might call us experts on the matter. Read on to learn more which option is better!

How to install window film

Before you install pre-cut window film, you need to prep the area. For DIY kits, the process is a bit more hands-on, but here’s the run-down:

  1. You start with prepping the windows by moving things out of the way and thoroughly cleaning the windows.
  2. You then cut the film to the size of the window.
  3. Next, you spray the window down with water.
  4. Then you put the actual film on the window.
  5. Again, cut to size to make sure everything is aligned and fits right.
  6. End the installation process by squeegeeing the water out.
  7. The results take time! The drying process is up to 60 days and bubbles are completely normal as they are part of the drying process. Don’t push on them or it could damage the film.

installing window film professionals

Pro's/con's of pre cut window tint kits

Sounds easy enough, but installing pre-cut window tint kits yourself is a tricky process to ensure a bubble- and wrinkle-free window film. Making mistakes is the biggest drawback, as removing a botched installation can be messy and time-consuming. On the other hand, DIY does have a few benefits over professional window film.

Depending on your project, DIY is cost effective. If the film’s quality and installation doesn’t matter, DIY window film might be the option for you. Pre-cut packs also offer more flexible timing: your’s! You don’t need to wait for a professional to measure your windows. You only need to order the film, wait for it to arrive, prep the space, and you’re ready.

Pro's/con's of professionally installed window film

Professionally-installed window film has its pros and cons as well. For starters, professional window film is more expensive than film kits you buy from Lowe’s or Home Depot. You also need to wait for the professional installer to arrive so they can measure your space (luckly, Solar Art offers flexible appointments around your schedule, not our’s). While pre-cut kits cost less, the trade-off is more work for you and higher-quality film from a professional service. If you need the film to last and look good, professional film is for you.

Professional window film installation comes with product warranties that pre-cut kits just can’t offer. Once a pre-cut film vendor has your money… if you don’t like the film you’re out of luck--they don’t care. Professional services, in contrast, aim to keep the customer happy for years to come and they stand by the product they install as a symbol of their brand.

Professional services also offer hassle free installations and can answer your questions that an impersonal “installation guide” just can’t. Get on-the-spot customer care from the folks who do this every day.

Finally, your windows’ appearance is important, too. Professional film installation comes with peace of mind that people will see your beautiful windows, not the pre-cut window film. You also get a wider variety of film options perfect for your needs. Solar Art carries all kinds of window film options and custom-cuts your film for a perfect fit.

professional window film installers

What is the best fit for you?

Ultimately, if time and money are your top concern and nobody sees the window, then pre-cut film is for you. On the other hand, if you care about your film’s longevity and appearance while getting you get on with your life by letting us do the heavy lifting, then opt for professional services. Solar Art is waiting to talk to you today about transforming your home or office with solar window film.

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