How Window Film and Custom Graphics can Advertise Your Company

April 16, 2019

Wall and Window Advertising Ideas! 

wall graphics and window graphics to advertise your business

Advertising is the lifeblood of businesses big and have only seconds to catch someone’s eye and win new customers. The key to great marketing is to be bold, so why settle for the traditional methods? Modern options like window film and wall art are inventive platforms for getting your name out there. Let’s explore ways you can use both to market your brand.

Let’s start at the beginning: what even IS window film and custom vinyl? While you’ve probably heard of energy efficient solar film, you might not have noticed that the same technology is used everyday to advertise on windows and walls. Window graphics and wall graphics are super versatile with cutting and printing to your vision. Solar Art has come up with a few ways to diversify your advertising portfolio!

Advertising with window graphics

Most storefronts and offices have windows of some kind, so why not put that empty space to good use? Here's how to do it! 

Install your personalized logo

Humans are visual, and everyone knows the power of an eye-catching logo. Put your brand’s image up front and center of personalized logos displayed on window film. This increases brand awareness and gets your company name out there! 

logo for glass door for my business

Business hours vinyl lettering

Beyond just logos, save space by creatively putting your business’s hours of operation. Having your hours of operation visible makes things for your customers and could potentially lead to sales! 

Flaunt your company vibe with custom graphics

Got a unique vibe? Do you have an unusual take on your product? Set yourself apart to potential customers by simply adding wall art that captures your brand’s spirit: be it funky, cute, vintage, or a combination of those!

custom vinyl for wall art

Social media vinyl stickers

Both large businesses and small businesses benefit from a social media presence: grow your audience by advertising your media handles with window film on your storefront glass or even walls throughout the office space. 

social media decals for windows

Advertising with wall graphics

Advertise your company with storefront window graphics

Maximize your brand’s visual footprint by putting your name on empty walls outside your business. Maybe your business backs up to a parking lot, or a major street. Get some visuals on those empty walls and let people know you’re there and who you are.

Promote events, grand openings & new management

Walls make great canvases for promoting your company’s coming events, grand openings, and more. In addition to walls and windows, custom graphics can be installed to several surfaces including cement, carpet and more! Custom vinyl is easy to design, install, and remove as needed so you can keep your audience in the loop without taking up any extra space.

window graphics to promote your business

Personal mission statement

Broadcast the companies mission statement with custom graphics on your walls to reinforce the company values to employees and even customers. Put your favorite motivational quote or an image of your professional role models up for you and your customers to see and appreciate.

personal mission statement

Iconic wall art for advertising

Some clever businesses use their walls as free advertising by putting up original wall art that turns into advertising gold. Like a cool logo, iconic artwork can set your brand apart and let audiences recognize you immediately with just a photograph.

Solar Art Window Film

At this point, you might think that wall art and window film advertising is hard to create, but Solar Art’s in-house creative design team will work with you to either brainstorm original imagery drawn from our own years of experience, or print up any images you already have in mind. We measure and cut the film to fit your wall or window, and we ensure a seamless, professional look!

We hope this has given you some direction on how to take your brand’s image and advertise it with window graphics and wall graphics. Solar Art helps businesses like your’s transform their branding every day with eye-catching custom graphics. Talk to us today!

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