DIY Window Film Installation

April 23, 2019

Installing window film yourself, should you do it?

DIY window film installation

If you’re struggling to keep your sunny rooms cooler or more private, you may have considered installing window film with kits you can buy at the store. While those might seem easy, take it from the window film experts: installing good-looking window film is anything but easy, though it’s not impossible. Let’s cover some of the pros and cons of DIY window film installations!

Pros of installing window film yourself

More cost effective 

DIY window film is no doubt less expensive than hiring a professional team. If your project is small or out of sight, installing window film yourself probably won’t require the delicate touch of experts, and the cost that comes along with it.

how do you install window film

Quicker installation time

Home window film kits also allow you 100% flexibility over when you install them. If you suddenly need to cover up a window and don’t have time for pros to come out and measure the space then DIY film kits might be a good temporary solution.

installing window film yourself

Cons of installing window film yourself

More window film options with a professional company

On the other hand, a window film company like Solar Art offers something home kits just can’t: many different options for film technology, tints, textures, and shades. A company caters to the customers needs, whereas a DIY kit company doesn't. From decorative window film to reflective window film to custom graphics, a window film company is way ahead of any home kit.

window film options for installation

Better quality with professionals 

You’ll also have access to cutting edge window film technology and higher quality films. We service a huge range of customers, from homeowners to high-profile businesses. This raises the film quality for everyone. Our installers are all professionally trained on how to do various types of installations and are well knowledgeable on the different window films and what they each do!

Guaranteed window film warranty

You’ll also get peace of mind if you have your film professionally installed because the film will have a guaranteed warranty. Window film manufacturers will stake their name on providing you with a good service that lives up to its promises for years. You don’t get that with home window film kits, as those companies are happy to just sell their product and move on.

window film warranty

Eliminates risk of scratching glass

Finally, removing window film can come with some expensive risks: the scraper tools can easily scratch your glass, which will need to be replaced. This is a risk even for professionals, depending on your glass’s nature, but we’re prepared for it. Our installers are professionally trained on how to properly use the tools to not scratch your glass. Home installers are generally totally unaware of the potential to do serious damage, and if those films are removed right, the project can turn pricey fast.  

how to install window film yourself

Solar Art Window Film

You can probably tell that we take this pretty seriously: windows should be beautiful and functional. While you can install film yourself, the pros don’t outweigh the cons. Talk to the professional, experienced team at Solar Art today about making your rooms more comfortable and private!

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