How to Reduce Glare on TV

March 26, 2019

Reducing Glare on TV Screens

reducing tv glare

While televisions, laptop screens, and computer monitors give us vibrant, sharp video all the time, that crisp picture quality has one weakness: sun glare! You wouldn’t keep the lights on when watching a movie, and you don’t want the sun washing out your HDTV’s video, either. But when you have windows, sun glare seems to be a part of life. Sun glare is the product of sunlight filtering through your windows without any absorption from a shade. The glare can arise directly from the window or reflecting off something in your home onto your TV screen. Since LED picture technology competes with surrounding lights, you’ll want to avoid as much light as possible shining onto your TV. Thankfully, you have a few solutions!

Installing blinds to reduce sun glare

One option for reducing sun glare is window blinds, which are a common interior decor window treatment. They are convenient and quick ways to change the amount of light in your home. On the other hand, they block all the light coming through your windows, including your views and the natural light that reduces your electricity bills from less interior light use. Who wants a dark room all the time just to watch TV?

how to reduce tv glare

Installing solar film on your windows to help reduce glare

Solar control window film is a modern, trending alternative to window blinds that reduces the glare on your TV and computer monitors throughout the day without you ever lifting a finger. Our glare reduction window film blocks over 75% of the sun’s light by reflecting it back without it ever entering your home.

Better yet, solar control window film lets you keep your views and natural light 24/7 while also blocking the sun’s heat. Save money while making dark rooms for watching TV or working from home a thing of the past!

how to reduce glare on computer

Solar Art Window Film

Take control of your TV and enjoy crisp, colorful images once more. You could just pull your blinds, or you can let your windows work for you 24/7 with anti glare window film that offers a multitude of benefits. Contact Solar Art today about how you can get rid of TV glare.

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