Anti Graffiti Film Replacement

March 19, 2019

How Anti Graffiti Film Works 

anti graffiti film replacement

If you have windows or glass doors, you know the pain of vandalism and graffiti, but did you know how much anti graffiti protects your glass surfaces from damage? Those unsightly scratches are a thing of the past and your windows never need replacing! However, that film will need to be replaced as it gets damaged. The real questions are… how often and how much does it cost? Solar Art installs anti-graffiti film for homeowners and business owners every day, so you might call us experts. Read on to learn more!

What is graffiti film?

Just in case you aren’t aware of anti graffiti film, it’s a durable, optically clear window film that offers graffiti protection that would otherwise damage your glass windows. If someone defaces your glass, the whole window needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Anti graffiti solves this problem with a clear shield against scratches and paint that can easily be replaced.

anti graffiti film

What is the lifespan of anti graffiti film?

So, anti graffiti film works hard to protect your glass, but it needs to be replaced every so often so that it can work at peak performance. How often? That depends on where you live and the weather you experience! Our rule of thumb is to replace it every few years in ideal conditions. If your films never get damaged, the wear and tear is minimal and can’t be easily seen. If your windows or doors are front and center, replace the films as soon as they are damaged. Are the windows out of sight? You might get away with putting off replacing them till they get a bit more damage. Depends on location and weather (i.e. Seattle vs. LA). But the biggest factor in the lifespan of anti graffiti film is where you live and the weather, as its susceptible to damage from weather and harsh sunlight. Window film has the longest life in sunny locales like Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County, while window film in rainy places like Seattle and San Francisco needs to be replaced more frequently. Another factor salty sea air. Many films are vulnerable to salt in the air, so if you live near the ocean, your window films will need replacing more often.

What is the cost of replacing anti graffiti film?

Replacing worn anti graffiti window film is very affordable, starting at $8/sq ft. The process is also quick and easy: schedule an appointment with Solar Art via our website or calling us. We will come to the site on your schedule, measure the windows, remove the old film and install new film all with minimal mess and time spent on your part. Removal and installation typically take place in a day, and we can remove anti graffiti film from other vendors just as easily as our own.

replacing anti graffiti film

Benefits of anti graffiti film 

So at the end of it all, why bother with anti graffiti film? For one, it takes away the pain of replacing an entire window because of a scratch. Instead of removing fragile, messy, dangerous glass, we’ll only need to strip the film. Beyond that, anti graffiti film rejects 99% of the UV light that enters your windows and rejects 87% of the visible light from the sun. This means cooler rooms and protection against permanent sun fading along with protecting your glass from damage.

Solar Art Window Film 

In the end, anti graffiti is a no brainer for high-profile glass windows and doors. When replacing the film is so fast and affordable, why leave your glass surfaces vulnerable? Protect them today and save money with Solar Art’s anti graffiti film.

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