How Window Insulation Film Keeps You Comfortable Year Round

March 12, 2019

Benefits of Window Film in the Summer and Winter

window film year round

While the heat reducing benefits of solar film are most important during the summer, they also provide relief during the winter! Let’s dig in and find out how!

Window film in the summer 

Solar film reduces heat 

First and foremost, solar film reduces heat during the summer by blocking the sun’s heat and making our homes more comfortable. Spend all day in rooms with large windows and never break a sweat.

Reduces glare

Cutting sun glare is a lesser-known benefit during the summer, when the days are longer and the sun is higher. Glare can make your monitor and TV screens harder to see, which interferes with afternoon work or relaxation.

Reduces electricity bills

Reducing your electricity bill is the biggest benefit of solar film in the summer. AC usage spikes during the summer, driving up demand all around the same time of day. Local energy networks get stressed and blackout. Remove yourself from the problem! With solar film, blasting the AC all day is a thing of the past.

solar film in the summer

Winter: keep the heat in instead of out! 

3M Thinsulate window film 

The latest window film technology includes 3M Thinsulate window film. This cutting-edge film incorporates the insulation properties of 3M’s thermal products. The result is a beautiful film that wraps your windows in a clear layer of insulation all year round.

Keeps heat in

The first benefit of opting for 3M Thinsulate window film is that it keeps significantly more heat in than standard solar film. Glass is a great heat conductor, which means you lose precious interior heat to the outside during the winter.

Reduces electricity bill

Like in the summer, the biggest payoff is reducing your electricity bill, only for heat instead of AC! When the heat is kept inside all day and night, you get more for you money by using less!

Regulates hot and cold spots

If you struggle to keep consistent temperature throughout your home during the winter, then 3M Thinsulate window film is the window film for you. The insulating properties dampen the heat loss effect of your windows to regulate hot and cold spots. Take back your rooms and windows for a great view.

3m thinsulate

Solar Art Window Film

Window film provides cost and comfort benefits all-year round, if you choose the right film. Talk to Solar Art today about your needs--we’ll help you find the right film for you and your home or commercial space!

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