How to Update an Old Apartment

March 5, 2019

Affordable Ways to Update an Old Apartment 

how to upgrade an apartment complex

Updating an outdated apartment building might seem daunting, but your residents will thank you for making the effort. We have compiled a few affordable and simple ways to keep your complex looking sharp!

Fresh coat of exterior paint

Don’t let a dingy exterior paint job bring down your whole apartment complex’s look. A sharp, uniform look throughout the grounds goes a long ways towards impressing new tenants and helping your residents feel proud of where they live. Depending on your landscaping, your exterior paint colors can either blend or stand out. Is your complex a small nature reserve? Pick soft natural greens and neutral tones. Is each building an architectural landmark? Go for bold, geometric hues. Choose colors that naturally go well together and you can’t go wrong.

exterior paint for apartment

Garden lots of plants throughout the complex

Landscaping is another important part of keeping an updated apartment complex. Choose plants that complement your architecture and color scheme. If you’re in a warm climate, plant shade trees to cut heat in the units during the summer. Privacy shrubs and ground-cover plants are also great options that usually don’t require much water. Landscaping requires upkeep, so hire a weekly or daily landscaping team so it looks nice all the time.

affordable ways to garden

Install wall graphics to common rooms

Your common room interiors need love, too. If you’ve got gyms or lounges, spruce up your spaces with comfortable amenities and eye-catching decor. Custom vinyl wall graphics are a low-maintenance way to renovate your interiors without the cost and effort of painting.

wall murals for common areas

Trendy new light fixtures

Interior light fixtures are trending again. With more options than ever before, even just one statement piece can instantly upgrade your apartments from boring to amazing. Well-placed lights make a big difference in helping your apartment feel like home to new and current residents alike.

upgraded light fixtures

Increase storage in the units

No matter their size or layout, apartments share one thing in common: storage space is a premium. Carports are a great way to give your residents their own garage space with roomy lockers above each space. Increasing drawers and cabinet space in the units is another way to grab the attention of potential tenants. Analyze your apartment floor plans for ways to add extra storage space, and take advantage of vertical space.

increased apartment storage

Solar Art Window Film

Updating an apartment complex might not be quick, but the solutions aren’t difficult to implement. Your hard work will be rewarded with happier residents. Talk to Solar Art today about how we can help renovate your apartment building!

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