How to Reduce Fading in the Office

September 10, 2018

Protect Your Property From the Sun 

Sun bleach

If your office is like most others in sunny locations, windows are a big part of the design. Windows are prized for letting in natural light and giving employees’ eyes a break with great views. Being cooped up inside without natural light is bad for morale and health, and who doesn’t want an office with big windows?

Problems With Large Windows

Those glass surfaces do have some downsides. While we’re all aware of sun glare and built-up heat, a less-obvious problem is sun fading dealt to vulnerable materials. While all materials can suffer from sun fading, certain materials like plastics, soft fabrics, and wood floors are at a higher risk. Sun-fading is only the first sign of permanent damage and as time goes on, those items must be replaced for aesthetic reasons, safety reasons, or even both. When you think about what most office items are made of, your office now seems a lot more expensive.

Potential Solutions 

What can be done to stop sun-fading from damaging computers, monitors, printers, decor, and other items? A few common solutions around the home include blinds, curtains, rugs, and designing around the sun spots. Around the office, however, space is at a premium and it’s not so easy to just move around the sun. Blinds can certainly help but they aren’t the only answer!

Solar Art's Solar Film 

Sun fading

Solar film is another way to mitigate sun-fading and protect your expensive technology. Solar film solves the problem by cutting 99% of the sun’s invisible UVA and UVB rays, which are the primary culprit behind sun-fading. Combined with blinds, solar film will dramatically cut the risk of sun-damage to your office’s property and reduce how often you replace your stuff. Contact Solar Art today to learn how you can protect your office and save money.

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