How to Stop Migraines Caused From the Sun

September 3, 2018

Reduce Suffering From Migraines 

Sun migraine

Tens of millions of people in the United States suffer from migraines, with as many as 3 million people suffering chronically. Migraines are painfully debilitating, can wreck productivity, and their effects can last for days.

Causes of Migraines

While there is no one cause of migraines for everyone, research and anecdotal evidence indicates that stress, dehydration, and over stimulation are common triggers, but not the only ones. For many people, the most common trigger is bright, reflected light. Unfortunately, if you work in an office or live in a house with lots of windows, you may know the pain and fear of getting a migraine because of direct sunlight, glare from windows, computer monitors, or even hard floors.

Potential Solutions to Help with Migraines 

Sun glare

You may avoid windows whenever you can, or put rugs and towels over hard floors to kill glare. Avoiding rooms with windows isn’t practical. Closing the blinds darkens the rooms for everyone and can lower moods and reduce productivity. Sometimes, you don’t even have that option. It’s not fair to sacrifice beautiful views and sunlight outside just because sun glare triggers migraines. Wearing sunglasses indoors might make a catchy pop song, but isn’t a great solution to avoiding migraines.

A simpler solution is to change the windows themselves. Much like polarized sunglasses cutting glare by reducing brightness, solar film can effectively cut glare and direct sunlight by reflecting light off the window from the outside. By cutting bright sunlight and glare from the outside, you reduce your exposure to bright light, and thus the time you spend suffering from migraines. They don’t change the look of your windows (unless you want them to), they just add functionality!

Solar Art Window Film

Reducing glare in office

Solar film from Solar Art can be applied to any size window, and are affordable and low-maintenance. They will also reduce glare on monitors, cut the sun’s heat by over 75%, and reduce the sun’s invisible UV rays by 99%. Solar film alleviates day-to-day discomfort from the sun and cuts energy costs while also helping to block a common trigger for migraines.

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