Security Film Makes Banks Safer

August 23, 2018

Improving Bank Security 

In this day and age, security and safety are on everyone’s minds. When it comes to banks, while we rely on virtual security methods to protect our money and information in the digital realm, the buildings themselves are at risk if they have glass windows. Banks are targets not only for their financial holdings, but also because the computers’ contain confidential information about customers and the bank itself. It takes only one break-in and all of that information could be compromised.

Bank security

Hazards of Having Glass in Banks  

Glass windows and doors add beauty, style, natural light, and views to high-profile buildings like banks and other financial institutions. While beautiful, glass is a terrible material for security. Glass has low tensile strength, meaning that it is fragile and breaks easily. Once it’s broken, the shards spread everywhere, posing safety hazards. Replacing the glass in the aftermath can be costly and time-consuming.

When it comes to intruders, certain measures can be taken to deter the criminal, such as security glass door locks and window alarms that alert authorities once the glass is broken. However, these measures don’t solve the ultimate problem: glass is fragile.

Safety and Security Window Film as a Solution  

Bank storefront security

The easiest and most affordable way to make your glass strong is to install security window film. Durable security window films like those offered by Solar Art add an additional layer of tensile strength to your glass. Our films slow down entry through a glass window by containing the glass and effectively giving the window a bit of stretch. Both the film and the glass must be broken, thus impeding a criminal from successfully getting inside before the authorities arrive. In the event that the glass is broken through, say in an extreme natural event, our films contain the shards in the film. The mess is easy to clean up and the glass window can be replaced sooner and more safely. As an added bonus, all of our films block the sun’s invisible UVA/UVB rays, and our tinted security films also block over 75% of the sun’s heat. It really is this easy to get peace of mind that your glass is both strong and saving you money every day.

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