Frosted Glass vs. Frosted Window Film: What’s the Difference?

July 7, 2020

Frosted Window Film & Frosted Glass For Your Space


Our last blog topic was an educational blog topic where we interviewed our graphics manager and sales representative on everything you need to know when it comes to logo decals. This week we are back with another educational blog topic where we are going to interview a different Solar Art team member about a question our customers frequently ask us. This week we are interviewing, Scott, our Senior Project Manager and Director of Business Development. 

We will be talking with Scott about the difference between frosted window film and frosted glass and the different benefits and purposes of each product. If you are interested in a frosted window film for your home or office or you have been wondering this same question, you don’t want to miss this interview! Scott has been in the window film industry for over 30 years and is extremely knowledgeable on all things window film. Keep on reading to hear what Scott has to say!

Want to discuss frosted window film options?

  • Increased Privacy - Prevents people from seeing in and out of the glass
  • Added Design - Clean and modern look that won't change the aesthetics of the space
  • Affordable Price - A cost effective solution for increased privacy and an added design


What is frosted window film?

We started the interview out by first asking Scott what the two different products are. We will start with frosted window film. Frosted window film is a type of window film that is installed directly onto a glass surface, typically for privacy or decorative purposes. Frosted window film is going to prevent people from seeing into or out of the space and allows significant creativity. Frosted window film can easily be removed if need be with no damage to the glass surface. 

What is frosted glass?


Frosted glass is a piece of glass that has either an internal texture or a frost inner layer. Unlike frosted window film, frosted glass is a permanent addition to the glass and can’t be reversed. Frosted glass is also typically used for privacy or decorative purposes. 

How are frosted window film & frosted glass similar?

Frosted window film and frosted glass are both used for decorative and privacy purposes. Both of these products are going to prevent people from seeing into or out of a building or home. The visual effect is also very similar with either option and they both have a clean and professional look that isn’t going to change the look of your space. The biggest difference between the two products is frosted window film allows you more creativity and flexibility, and it can be removed if needed. 

Are frosted window film & frosted glass comparable in price?

We spoke with Scott on what the two products look like from a price standpoint. When it comes to pricing, not only is frosted window film far more affordable in the majority of cases, it’s also more sustainable. In general, purchasing window film is more affordable than purchasing glass and when it comes to getting frosted glass installed, you need to replace the original piece of glass as well as the framing. Because of labor and other expenses, this can get expensive, quickly. 

Frosted window film is also sustainable because you're not throwing anything into the landfill, which is always a positive! Like we just talked about, if you decide to go the frosted glass route, you have to throw away the original glass. With frosted window film, you are utilizing the same piece of glass and simply installing the technology on top of it.

What are the benefits of frosted glass?

The biggest benefit of frosted glass is its durability. If you have a high trafficked area that needs increased privacy, then frosted glass might be a better option because of its strength and lifespan. For example, if you are looking to find a privacy solution in a doctor’s waiting room, frosted glass might be a better option, because kids could get bored and pick at the window film, or you might have friction or people rubbing against the window film causing it to peel.

What are the benefits of frosted window film?


Like we talked about earlier, frosted window film is significantly more affordable, which is one of the biggest benefits. While it might not be as durable as frosted glass, it still is a very durable product that also has a long lifespan, and depending on the location, it might not need to be replaced at all. However, frosted window film can also be replaced if need be, which isn’t the case with frosted glass. One of the biggest benefits of frosted window film is it gives you the ability to be creative with your space and give it a custom look. Customers frequently install bands or stripes of frosted window film, which you couldn’t do with frosted glass. 

Why are customers looking to get frosted window film installed?

In the next part of the interview, we asked Scott why his customers are looking to get window film installed. The main reason is for privacy. People are looking for a non-permanent way to increase privacy in both homes and offices. 

What customers typically get frosted window film installed?


Up next, we talked with Scott about what types of customers usually get frosted window film installed. The number one customer that looks for frosted window film is facility managers. The reason behind this is because they have a lot of occupancy turnover, resulting in re-branding. Frosted window film allows them that flexibility at a reasonable cost as opposed to replacing all the partition glass in the office. 

Architects, glaziers, and general contractor’s use frosted window film for similar reasons. Our customers in these industries like frosted window film because of the flexibility it offers in recreating new design or privacy for different areas without having to replace all of the glass. 

Where are these customers typically getting frosted window film installed?


In homes, Scott often sees customers looking for increased privacy in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and pantry doors. Frosted window film has a clean look and is an easy way to hide any mess or prevent people from seeing in. 

From a commercial standpoint, Scott sees facility managers, architects, glazers, and general contractors looking for frosted window film on conference rooms, private offices, and storefronts. 

Frosted window film on storefronts creates security and privacy because it prevents people from seeing inside, which ultimately reduces break-ins. People trying to look inside will only be able to see light transmissions. In warehouse or business environments, frosted window film is an ideal solution to stop the visibility of stored merchandise. It’s an easy way to maintain confidentiality and privacy while keeping a clean and professional look.

Not only does frosted window film increase privacy on storefronts, but it also allows creativity and design with branding statements. You can install your company logo or store hours on your storefront glass to brand your business and let people know who you are and what you do. 

In addition to storefronts, glass conference rooms and partition walls in offices are also where his customers frequently request frosted window film. Frosted window film in these areas creates customized privacy with creativity in design. For example, it allows the option to re-utilize and reconfigure an office space if need be and make it open with glass partitions. This is great for the different people Scott works with because it ultimately results in you not having to rip out and throw away all the glass if you ever want to redo your office. It’s easy and affordable, not to mention helps with the green movement because we aren’t dumping more things into the landfill! 

Solar Art Can Help You!

There you have it...the biggest differences and similarities between frosted window film and frosted glass. They are very different products that each offer different benefits. Solar Art installs frosted window film to both homes and offices every single day to help with privacy and to add a custom design. Frosted window film is a cost-effective, easy, and temporary (if you want), way to transform your space. If you are interested in learning more about frosted window film or think it might be a good fit for your upcoming project, contact Solar Art today for a free quote!

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