Why Your Artificial Turf is Burning and How to Make it Stop

August 23, 2017

 Benefits of Artificial Turf

Prevent artificial turf from burning

Living in California or other areas that are exposed to the blinding heat of the sun, means you have most likely heard of installing artificial turf to provide the look of a lush green lawn surrounding your home or office building. This type of lawn covering looks fresh and attractive, can increase the value of your properties, and can help reduce water usage. Artificial turf is relatively low maintenance, but it can burn under certain conditions. Finding out the main reasons why artificial turf burns and how to prevent this problem can help protect your investments.

Causes of Artificial Turf Burning

Your artificial turf can burn due to the heat from reflective surfaces, such as windows in your home or building.The glass reflects the sun and causes it to be even hotter, thus melting the artificial turf in the areas where the reflections shine on the turf. This damage can cause the synthetic turf to look less aesthetically pleasing and decreases the value of your property.

One way you can solve this dilemma is to use a window tint that is known to be effective in decreasing the reflectivity of the window glass. Hanita Optilite 75 Xtra and 3M Exterior Prestige 70 are two window films on the market that are effective in decreasing a window's reflective glare. You just apply the window film onto the exterior of all your windows once they have been cleaned thoroughly.

Improper Watering as a Cause of Artificial Turf Burns

Artificial grassMost quality artificial turf is low maintenance, but it does have imitation rock underneath it. The rock provides support for the artificial grass. It also provides drainage for rainwater and the times when you water the turf. The rocks allow the water to drain slowly into the subgrade beneath the turf. Neglecting to water your lawn properly is one of the reasons that your artificial turf can burn. The unsightly areas can be large or small, depending on the amount of rainfall in your area and the slope of your property. To properly water the lawn, follow the guidelines that were given to you when your artificial turf was laid. This ensures that your lawn will stay lush-looking throughout the year and helps protect your investment for years to come.

Window Film

Benefits of window filmMany manufacturers have recommended window film as an effective preventative measure to protect your turf from burning. Not only will the film help keep your artificial turf looking attractive, it doesn't detract from the appearance of your home or building since the film is either translucent or has a subtle tint. Window film can also help keep your home or building cooler, which can lower your utility bills, and can also protect your furniture and fabrics from fading. Window films are relatively inexpensive and are easily maintained. Follow the care instructions Solar Art provides that will explain exactly how to take care of your newly tinted windows. Adding window film to your home or commercial building is an inexpensive and smart way to protect your investments, such as your furniture and artificial turf. The installation is relatively quick and easy, and the expense is well worth the money it saves you over time.

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