The World of Custom Decals

July 14, 2020

What are Custom Decals?

Hi everyone! We are back with another educational blog topic about a topic we get a lot of questions about...decals. For this blog, we are interviewing Bob, our sales representative for our Los Angeles location for this topic because he has been in the window film industry for over 30 it’s safe to say that he is extremely knowledgeable in all things decal. In this blog, you will learn:

  • What a decal is
  • Is a decal different from a custom graphic
  • What types of customers request decals
  • If decals can be installed to different surfaces
  • Decal campaigns Solar Art has done
  • Using custom decals for promotional purposes
  • Benefits of decals for businesses 

If you have any questions regarding decals or think they might be a good fit for your business, keep on reading to learn what Bob has to say regarding the topic!

What is a custom decal?


Let’s start with what a decal is. When you think of the word “decal” your mind might go straight to decals for cars, for good reason. The word “decal” is a commonly used term in the automotive industry. However, decals don’t only apply to the car industry, they also apply to the commercial and residential window film industry, it’s just not as well known of a term.

Solar Art typically uses “custom graphics” as the terminology for decals. When we are talking about a decal in the residential and commercial window film industry, we are referring to graphics or vinyl logo stickers that are usually on the exterior of the glass. Most customers who request a decal are looking for logo decals, custom decals, or frosted window film with graphics cut out of it for their businesses. 

Is a custom decal different from custom graphics?

Like we just talked about, a decal can also be referred to as a custom graphic or a vinyl logo sticker. Typically, when Solar Art talks about custom graphics, stickers, or decals, they all offer the same benefits. The biggest difference between our typical custom graphics and a vinyl logo sticker is that a custom graphic should be removed by a professional to ensure there is no damage done to the surface, whereas a window decal sticker can be removed by the customer.  

Can a custom decal be installed to different surfaces?


In the next part of the interview, we are going to talk about whether or not custom decals can be installed on different surfaces. Just like custom graphics and window decal stickers, custom decals can be installed on different surfaces. Solar Art typically sees decals being installed to glass windows, doors, and storefronts, as well as walls, concrete, carpet, and more! Since custom decals can be installed on so many different surfaces, they offer you a lot of flexibility and versatility in the uses. 

What customers request custom decals?

We talked with Bob about what kinds of customers he sees typically asking for custom decals and the biggest ones are employees of a business, business owners, building owners, and contractors. Employees of businesses are asking for custom decals to help motivate and inspire them throughout the workday. Business owners, building owners, and contractors are looking for window decals and logo decals for walls to brand and advertise their companies. Custom decals are an affordable way to get store hours and put your company logo out there for everyone to see who you are and what you do. 

What options do you have with custom decals?


Just like with custom graphics, the options are endless with decals. Like we just talked about, decals can be used to advertise and brand businesses, but that’s not the only direction you can go with them. Decals can also be used to motivate and inspire by installing a company mission statement or the company values so they are visible to everyone in the office. Decals can also increase privacy or simply add a decorative design to private offices or conference rooms throughout an office space. 

What locations do customers typically install custom decals to?

Now that we have talked about the different options you have with custom decals, we can move onto the different locations customers typically install them on. Showrooms are big when it comes to custom decals. A lot of customers who request lettering at the top of the showroom windows as well as storefront windows to show their services and what they offer. Bob recently quoted storefront decals at a beauty salon for these exact reasons. The business owner wanted to showcase what services the salon offers so people walking by can easily see and potentially walk-in. 

Using custom decals for promotional purposes


Solar Art recently did a decal campaign for promotional purposes. During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Solar Art offered complimentary signage to let people know they are open and are operating safely, are open for takeout and delivery, or social distancing signage that can be installed to floors or walls. We also made a custom decal signage option where the customer could brand their business on their decal.

As a company, we wanted to give back to our community and offer these services to help other small businesses who were going through the same thing we were. The decals for this COVID-19 campaign were vinyl logo stickers so the customer could easily remove them themselves without any hassle, damaging anything, or needing a professional company to come out. 

What are the benefits of window decals for businesses?

Lastly, we are going to round this blog out by talking about the different benefits of window decals for businesses. The biggest benefit for businesses is that custom decals can help inform the customer on what you have and advertise the specialties you are good at, which is consistent with what we have been talking about this entire blog. Window decals for businesses help make sure your name is out there and people know who you are. T

he second benefit of window decals for businesses is the fact that they can help advertise and brand your business for a very affordable price. It’s a simple solution that requires no headache or hassle. Another big benefit of window decals for businesses is that they can be a temporary solution (like the COVID-19 campaign or a company that has to move locations a lot) or they can be a more permanent solution for companies who aren’t planning on going anywhere and they want people to know that. 

How Solar Art Can Help You!

There you have it! The ins and outs of all things custom decals. I hope this helps answer any questions you might have in regards to custom decals, what they are, and how they work. If you have a project coming up or think decals might be a good fit for your office, give Solar Art a call today and we can get a free consultation set up!

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