Wall Graphic Ideas for Game Room's

October 29, 2018

Get Creative With Your Space!

Custom wall artHave you ever looked around your kids’ rooms and wondered how to make the space more fun and imaginative? Pictures and toys are great, but have you ever considered putting your walls to good use, too? On top of that, would you like to a decor option that won’t take up space?

Custom wall graphic's answer “yes!” to all three questions! While you might know about solar film, custom wall graphics are a modern way to create fun and immersive spaces. Solar Art’s creative team creates any graphics you can imagine. Our wall graphics are low maintenance and the installation has no downtime for you!

Sound good so far? Let’s explore how you can use custom graphic wall graphics in your home.

Kids rooms are playgrounds with custom wallpaper

Wall graphics

Whether your kids want to play baseball, be a princess, explore space, race cars, ride dinosaurs, or fly planes, custom wallpaper turns the entire room into an imaginative playground. If you live in an apartment or an extreme-weather region, custom wallpaper beats boredom when the kids are stuck inside.

Apply the film to the entire room, or to just one wall for focus. It doesn't take up any space and is totally safe 24/7. No bulky decor will ever fall on your kiddo while they sleep or play, and they can’t knock any of it over.

It works great for older kids, too. Spruce up their game rooms with vibrant wall graphics to make the coolest game room around. From Legos to Roblox to Fortnite to Minecraft, we can make any game environment they want.

Dry erase for walls!

dry erase for walls

Beyond bedrooms and playrooms, custom wallpaper also transforms study rooms, preschool rooms, daycare's, and classrooms!

Ideal for homeschooling, classrooms, and homework spaces, wall graphics set an educational tone with numbers, words, the alphabet, and more—we can even design a whiteboard or art board canvas so kids can draw, do math problems, practice writing, and more while never damaging your walls.

Wall graphics are also great for early childhood education, after-school programs, and childcare, too. Let parents know your school or daycare puts their kids first with thoughtful wall graphics featuring cute animals, bright colors, optimistic messages, and more.

Custom wallpaper from Solar Art is just a phone call or email away. Transform your boring bedroom, playroom, and classroom walls with imaginative, custom wall graphics. Your kids will have a blast!

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