How Anti Graffiti Film Can Protect Property

November 5, 2018

Don't Worry About Vandalism! 

graffiti film for storefrontBeautiful surfaces like glass, metal, and mirrors are invaluable to interior design and function, but are also vulnerable to graffiti scratches, marks, and more. A large glass window or an elevator door quickly turns into an eyesore once it’s been vandalized, which can turn off customers and cost you money to replace.

Instead of leaving your surfaces exposed to the public, you could protect them with anti graffiti film to extend their life and save you money. What is graffiti film and how does it work? Similar to standard window film, anti graffiti film is a thin layer of vinyl film that grips your glass, metal, or mirror surfaces. It’s thick enough to absorb scratches and is easily removed and replaced within a day.

There is Anti Graffiti Film for Every Surface!

Graffiti film for metal surfaces-1

Chances are you’ve seen anti graffiti film and didn’t even know it. Look around a stylish office building or bank, and count the shiny surfaces: glass windows and doors, metal walls and elevators, or even the mirrors in the bathroom. There’s a unique film made just for your needs.

Anti graffiti film for glass is thick, but not so thick you can’t see clearly see through it. It won’t change the look of your windows, but only protects them under an absorbent film layer that withstands blades, paint, and acid. Anti graffiti film for glass can even protect windows on buses, trains, menu fixtures, entertainment box office windows, and more.

Metal Shield

graffiti film for mirrors

Metal shield is an opaque film with ametallic sheen which is perfect for protecting metal surfaces like walls, bathroom stalls, product dispensers, and metal around keyholes. Remodeling an old bathroom? Metal shield offers an affordable way to instantly transform your bathroom without the mess of tearing out old fixtures.

Mirror Shield 

There’s nothing worse than a dingy mirror that’s been corroded or scratched. Mirror shield is opaque with a reflective mirror finish that completely conceals the mirror surface beneath it, and offers a clear mirror function that your guests will never notice. This film is ideal for remodels or businesses looking to save money while also giving visitors eye-catching mirrors.

Solar Art’s anti graffiti film protects your property 24/7, giving you peace of mind so you can get on with business and forget about the unwanted cost of replacing windows and mirrors. Talk with us about your unique anti graffiti film project today.

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