How to Improve Your Restaurant Guest Experience

October 22, 2018

Improving Customer Experience with Window Film

window film in restaurants

Restaurant owners know their customers’ dining experience is important, and it relies on a number of factors like service, food, and the setting. Glass is seen in several areas of a restaurant and is an attractive design element, from big windows to glass walls and booth dividers. Let’s explore how you can maximize your glass’ potential to create a comfortable dining experience...

Sun-blocking solar film cuts heat and glare

Windows give your customers great views but also let in bright sunlight—leading to painful sun glare and warmer rooms during the day. Solar-control window film cuts the sun’s light so that your customers keep cool and won’t be blinded while they’re eating. Window film also makes your dining areas more private and helps your customers feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Decorative window film defines glass walls and increases safety

Improve guest experience in restaurant

If your restaurant decor includes glass walls and room dividers, you may consider decorative window film. Decorative window film is a great way to add style to glass walls to match decor. Decorative window film can define separate party rooms and give your special guests an extra layer of privacy, while keeping an open concept and giving a modern and classy look. If patterns aren’t your style, trendy word art gives your customers interesting quotes to read and can easily be applied to any glass surface.

Glass in unexpected places

Smaller glass surfaces also pop up in unexpected places around a restaurant, such as between booths or topping multi-level half-walls. Decorative window film such as geometric patterns or frosting between booths and floor levels adds a fun, eye-catching touch that brings your restaurant to life. Custom-cut labels are a unique way to direct your customers to important areas like the restrooms or exits.

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