5 Ways to Create a Happier Work Environment

February 19, 2019

Promote a Positive Work Environment 

positive work environment

With the modern work environment getting busier and more stressful, employers can go a long ways in helping their employees be more productive, less stressed, and happier in general. Let’s explore some simple ways to make your work environment happier for your team!

Create a work life balance for the office

Our daily lives are packed: personal and professional obligations are often in a tug-of-war for our time. Look into modern forms of communicating and assigning tasks like Trello, Slack, and Google Drive to streamline your employees’ work flow so they can spend time getting things done. These apps save time by both reducing distractions and letting your coworkers respond when they’re available, and letting you shoot a question off to someone across the office without ever leaving your chair, which lets you focus on you’re doing, too. What’s more, keeping an open line of communication for everyone on your team is an easy step towards a more positive work environment.

work life balance

Employee team building activities

Team building sounds mysterious, but actually takes many forms that are easy to implement in different ways. Formal team building exercises like games and day events bring employees closer together and help build work culture for years to come. Beyond team activities, you can incorporate fun elements into your office, like a ping-pong table or a casual, open environment that encourages conversation and interaction.

company ping pong party

Weekly pizza Friday at the office

A simple gesture Solar Art does for their employees is Pizza Friday. Pizza Friday is a tasty way to encourage employee bonding, save your employees money, and show them you care. Be sure to include a side dish for people with dietary restrictions. A big group feast is good for morale and helping everyone feel like they belong.

Pizza Friday

Coordinate happy hours for employees 

Beyond pizza, reward your employees with in-office happy hours so they can let loose and forget work for a little while. Even if they don’t drink alcohol, a more relaxed vibe even for a little while can help lighten the mood and make work easier--and more pleasant.

work happy hour

Create comfortable work stations in the office

Since your employees are in your office most of the day, keep their work stations comfortable and relaxed. Make your whole office more personal with a casual snack lounge, decorate your office space with cool art, and keep it all organized to reduce clutter and stress.

Standing desks

While sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day has been the norm for decades, new standing desk technology is revolutionizing today’s work station. Modern standing desks are adjustable for ideal employee ergonomic comfort, and can switch between sitting and standing at the press of a button. Alternating between standing and sitting is a great way to get moving and loosening up productivity blocks.

Your employees’ chairs are also part of a comfortable work environment, and can make the difference in a healthy, ergonomic work desk. Invest in quality office chairs is a higher degree of comfort than a standard office chair. Your employees will thank you.

standing desk

Window film

Big windows are a beautiful addition to any office decor, but they come at a price: all that glass lets the sun’s heat and glare into your office, which means warmer offices and obnoxious sun glare that interferes with productivity. Installing heat blocking window film cuts the sun’s heat significantly, and reduces sun glare. Your offices will be cool all day through the summer. And that sun glare? A thing of the past.

Other tactics include encouraging your employees to be active and move around regularly through the work day, such as walking challenges, to discourage prolonged sitting and get the brain working better.

heat blocking window film

Allow employees to have flexible work hours

Depending on where your employees live, the traditional 8-5 work hours means spending an additional hour or more on the road to and from home stuck in traffic. Giving your team flexible work hours means they spend more time both at home and at work, which reduces their stress and gas usage. When combined with telecommuting a day a week, you’re setting your office up for success with happy employees who want to work.

flexible work hours

Come up with creative employee benefits 

Perks and benefits programs are another way to reward your team for their hard work. Here at Solar Art, we have creative employee benefits such as a health and wellness program, a paid day where employees can participate in community service, a set amount of money set aside to encourage coworkers to spend time together outside the office, or to take a personal day with a friend. You can customize and tailor your employee benefits, making the options endless! 

company volunteer work

Solar Art Window Film 

To sum it all up, your employees help make your business possible: reward them by working hard on your end to keep your office comfortable and their work-life balance happy. Help your employees me proud to work with you. To take your first steps into creating a more comfortable office with heat reducing window film, contact Solar Art to learn more.

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