How to Hire a General Contractor - Everything You Need to Know

February 26, 2019

How to Hire a General Contractor

Hiring a general contractor

Are you expanding your business’ office, or planting a new location? Great! While you’re the brains behind your business, building and construction is a totally different ball game. Save time, stress, and money by hiring a general contractor to oversee that side of your project. Read on for recommendations on hiring the right person for the job!

Researching what exactly you're looking for

Spend time critically analyzing your project’s scope and goals so you can find the balance between your vision and reality. Break the project down into smaller, more manageable sections to meet your professional deadlines.

research scope

Read online reviews to get recommendations

Once you’ve established your project goals, the next logical step is to find the perfect contractor for your needs. You have various tools at your disposal: professional job search websites bring the contractors to you based on your location. The best websites have reviews and feedback sections from past clients for each contractor.

If hiring an online stranger isn’t your jam, talk to your peers about who they’ve hired, or your neighbors. Personal recommendations can give you peace of mind knowing your contractor can be trusted. General contracting companies can also hire out trusted contractors on their team.

online recommendations

Conduct a face-to-face interview

Never hire sight unseen, because an in-person interview can tell you a lot about the contractor’s personal ethic. Does he listen to you? Does he answer your questions and know solutions to your problems? Can he dedicate time to your project, and put it first? Listen to your gut instincts and don’t be afraid of asking questions. Business News Daily explains why face-to-face interviews are so important.

face to face interview

Be sure to check references 

If your interview was a success, you’re probably ready for the next phase of your hiring process: checking references! Talk to your candidate’s long-term project partners and clients. Look for patterns in professional behavior--both good and bad--and ask questions about how the candidate brings a project into reality.

Check general contractor license

Finally, check the candidate’s professional licensing with local regulations. His or her licenses should be current and allow them to conduct the work you need done that’s up to code, so you avoid problems down the road.

finding a general contractor

How to find the perfect general contractor

You’re on a deadline, so finding the best contractor for your project is the most important part of meeting that deadline. The search doesn’t have to be hard: using the tactics we’ve outlined here, your project will be moving forward in no time.

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