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June 25, 2019

5 Ways to Renovate Your Space While Renting 

5 ways to renovate your space while renting

Renting an apartment comes with a lot of benefits like not having to deal with upkeep and maintenance. However, one downside about renting a space is that you often aren't able to customize the space the way you would want. When you want to make your apartment feel more like home, you might feel limited on what the landlord allows. So what can you do?

Solar Art recommends looking at low-impact, renter-friendly upgrades that are also inexpensive and easy to implement. Lets look at 5 ways to renovate your rental space!

1. Read the lease agreement 

Before you make any decisions, read your lease agreement about what’s your responsibility to pay for when you move out. You can also talk to your landlord to explore what other renters have done. Being cautious and doing your research will save you a lot of money in the long run.

When you know your limits, you can work more creatively with what you have and put your money where it’s most useful. Sometimes just a few changes here and there make a big difference.

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2. Replace the shower head

Apartment features are often budget-friendly options, so replacing your shower head is a pretty simple improvement that’s also affordable. Choose a shower head that’s more water efficient, or maybe gives you more spray options to increase your comfort. Be sure to hold on to the old shower head though, and return it to the shower before you move out.

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3. Install decorative window film & stickers

Low-impact visual improvements can quickly transform a room. Apartments aren’t known for their privacy, so decorative window film might be an option for adding both visual interest to your home while also distracting people from looking inside. Custom vinyl wall art and stickers are a fun and temporary way to change up your walls. Self-adhesive wall art and window film won’t damage the walls or windows when installed and can be carefully removed before you move out.

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4. Install potted plants

Bringing the outdoors in is a modern way to freshen up your apartment and boost your mood. While hanging plants look amazing on Instagram, they might not be possible if you can’t put hooks in the walls or ceilings. You do have other options, though!

First, check for pre-existing hooks and use those first. They might be hidden by paint, so look carefully. Without hooks, consider plant stands that give your plants vertical height from the ground up. These come in various forms, such as narrow corner shelves that only need to support the pot, or wood racks that fill up some unused space. Also consider hook plant stands that hang a plant over a shelf. These won’t damage the walls or ceilings and you still get the benefit of oxygen-producing plants!

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5. Incorporate rugs and artwork

Finally, rugs and wall-friendly artwork can add a lot of character to your space. Rugs come in any pattern, size, and texture you can imagine and are a good compromise when you can’t hang your own curtains. They also protect your carpet, so it’s a win-win situation. Skip the holes in the wall or unreliable taped-on wall hooks by using the space in bookcases and shelves to display artwork. Books can also double as artistic displays when coordinated and placed creatively!

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Solar Art Window Film

As you can see, landlord restrictions aren’t the end of the world when decorating your apartment. We hope these tips have given you ideas about how you can make your space yours. Talk to Solar Art today about low-impact modifications or if you are interested in window film!

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