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June 20, 2019

How to Improve Office Safety With Window Film

Office space is starting to look significantly different than it ever has before. With that being said, the office space itself is unfortunately shrinking. We are seeing more and more glass walls popping up in offices as they are a popular and convenient way to open the space, improve mood, and increase collaboration and culture. Glass walls help create a modern look and provide subtle work boundaries. Glass walls can curb energy costs by bringing in natural light, while also taking advantage of relaxing outdoor office areas or scenic views. Glass walls do unfortunately come with some cons, so Solar Art came up with a few different options you have when it comes to this topic:

Risks of glass walls in an office

How to improve safety in an office

Unfortunately, while glass walls are great, they also present serious safety and liability risks in the workplace. Even Apple’s new Park Office recently experienced glass collisions requiring medical assistance. Whether employees are rushing to meetings, looking at their phones, distracted with deadlines, tired, or focusing on conversations, glass walls are a risk for everyone.

Window film as a distraction pattern:

Decorative window film as a distraction pattern

These safety hazards can be easily avoided with eye-catching decorative window film. Decorative window film is a low-maintenance option that dramatically increases the safety of your office. While other options for reducing collisions include physical barriers or bright frame lights, those can take up space or increase energy. Decorative window film obscures your walls so they become highly visible and create awareness of the entire office without sacrificing space or increasing monthly costs. Anyone can plan their route or tell instantly whether a door is open or closed.  At the Apple Park Office, glass collisions have stopped since distraction patterns were installed. Similar window solutions are available through Solar Art for an affordable price and little to no work on your end!

Decorative window film options:

Decorative window film in an office

What's great about decorative window film is the amount of options you have. All decorative window film is an instant and affordable safety upgrade that fits your office space, no matter the look you are going for. You can choose anything from a standard frosted window film to a patterned window film. When it comes to patterned window film you can choose from a variety of different things like lines, squares, wood grain, classy geometric patterns, and so much more. Choose translucent, opaque, whiteout or blackout window film.

Once you choose which pattern you like, you can choose how you would like it installed. Are you looking for a subtle design that won't change the aesthetics of the space? You can install a simple line of the decorative window film like you see in the second photo. If you are looking for something more eye catching, you can install a bigger portion of the window like you see in this photo above. The options are pretty much endless! Our decorative window film designs range from modern and contemporary to classic and elegant. As a bonus, our decorative films also block harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun and diffuse sunlight and interior lighting. Your employees will be happy and safe in a stylish office that boosts productivity and collaboration.

Solar Art Window Film

So there you go. If you have a modern office with glass walls, decorative window film is a simple and affordable way to increase safety in the office. If you think decorative window film is a good fit for you, contact Solar Art today and we can provide you with a free window film quote!  

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