Protect Your Business From Natural Disasters With Security Window Film

July 2, 2019

Does Security Window Film Really Work Against Natural Disasters?

does security film work against natural disasters

When thinking about glass windows, natural light and nice views often come to mind. Buildings like high rises and street-level store fronts have more glass surface than ever, as glass is beautiful and allows for visible views. However, glass is fragile, and natural disasters like storms, winds, and earthquakes can strike without warning, leaving your business’s windows as a major safety risk. Security window film is an easy and affordable way to protect not only the glass throughout your business, but your employees and customers as well. Thankfully, preparing your windows for a natural disaster is not a demanding process and can save you money and headaches in the long run. Solar Art installs security film to different companies all the time, so let’s look at how security film protects your business from natural disasters!

How does security window film work?

How does security window film work?

Security film is a thick, durable layer of window film made of layers of Polyester that is applied directly to your windows. Security window film comes in different thicknesses and shades ranging from 4 mil to 14 mil. Blast mitigation film needs to be 8 mil or thicker to fully protect your glass in a natural disaster. Our sales representatives can help you figure out which security window film will work best for your needs. Glass panes are brittle and can’t absorb much stress. An example is if a rock has ever hit your windshield and made it crack. With so much surface area, glass panes are very vulnerable to cracking under pressure.

Security window film can absorb pressure from an impact. Security window film won’t fracture like glass and can help hold the glass together. We all know that shattered glass gets everywhere and can be extremely dangerous. Durable security film contains the shattered glass when the window does break. You’ll have less mess to clean up, and when recovering from a natural disaster, minimizing that dangerous pieces of glass can make a huge difference in your recovery efforts.

Benefits of security window film during an earthquake

Earthquakes can shake and topple buildings which puts your windows at risk because glass is stressed from building frames twisting. Security window film helps hold glass together and strengthens it by 2-3 times, which can prevent this from happening. During an earthquake there is often falling debris that can easily break glass and hurt someone inside. Security film can help strengthen the glass and make it harder for debris to break through. 

benefits of security film in natural disaster

Benefits of security film during a severe storm

In certain parts of the country, extreme weather like hurricanes, tornadoes, and winter storms happen frequently. Storms bring wind, hail, rain, and flooding, all of which will put a lot of stress on your glass windows and doors. Flooding brings debris from upstream and can collide with your windows. Security film helps your windows weather the storm by absorbing the intense pressure the weather puts on them.

Benefits of security film during a severe storm

Benefits of window security film during high winds

Southern California and much of the southwest experience intense winds of up to 80 mph that can cause severe damage to property, such as knocking trees into homes and businesses. Safety film protects your windows by being the first layer of defense against unpredictable, traveling debris that will impact your glass and shatter it. The shards will also travel less and pose less danger to you and your customers and employees.

Benefits of window security film during high winds

How much money can security window film save you?

Once your windows have been damaged, the film will need to be replaced. Replacing security film is 95% cheaper than replacing the glass window pane itself. Keeping that in mind, let’s look at some numbers:

  1. Southern California alone has over 10,000 earthquakes per year
  2. Hurricanes cause $21.9 billion in damage annually
  3. After hurricane events, the combined annual damage of flooding, severe storms, and winter storms is $8.5 billion

The numbers don’t lie, natural disasters cost property owners a ton of money each year. Don’t be another statistic, protect your business’s glass windows from impact and shatter with security film. In addition to strengthening glass, security window film also blocks 99% of UVA and UVB rays from the sun. You’ll save money year-round and have peace of mind with safe, strong glass windows.

how much money can security film save you

Solar Art Window Film

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