Marketing Strategy For the 2019 Year

January 7, 2019

Marketing Strategy For the 2019 Year 

  • Brand awareness tactics
  • Strong social media presence 
  • Blogging, websites, newsletters, and more

Tips to Enhance Your Marketing Presence in the New Year

Small business owners know that staying ahead with marketing is the best—and maybe only—way to catch your customer’s attention and your marketing strategy is constantly evolving. Let’s take a look at some clever ways to gin up business!

Marketing strategy

1. Brand Awareness Tactics

Visual advertising is the lifeblood of marketing. If your business is on the street, extend your storefront to the curb with funky street easels, pavement markings, or signage that all draw attention to your store. Capitalize empty construction space by putting your name (and maybe directions) within easy sight. Put your services on display outside: whether it’s tables and chairs at a bistro, or a vintage antique shop. Coffee shops are great examples of using the street to your advantage.

2. Strong Social Media Presence 

Any business can benefit from an expanded social media presence with just a little effort--and it’s not all Facebook! Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are just a few other platforms to advertise on, depending on what you sell! Every company can capture a niche market with a unique voice or a distinctive marketing aesthetic like a mascot. As an example, ethical beauty company Indigo Wild’s cute goat mascot, bad puns, and bohemian look lets you know what they’re all about.

3. Blogging, websites, newsletters, and more

The modern age calls for modern outreach methods, which include blogging, marketing emails, websites, and more. Blogs educate potential customers about your services and how you can benefit their lives, and help search engines find you. Develop your brand’s website to really speak for your vision, and invest the time to make sure it looks good for a wide variety of internet users. Send out regular newsletters featuring deals, new products, the latest blog articles, and more. Place calls to action in convenient places to make it even easier for your customers to contact you.

Advertising is key to reaching more people, but it doesn’t have to be hard. If you maximize your space and curb appeal, build a flexible and creative social strategy, and have an open-mind to what your customers are looking for, you’re well on your way to a great new year. Contact Solar Art today to learn more about how our visual marketing strategies will help you grow your business.

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