Make Resolutions You Can Live With!

January 2, 2019

Make Resolutions You Can Live With! 

  • Make a resolution for the right reason: YOU
  • Pick ONE goal and stick to it
  • Give yourself mini challenges 
  • Hit a bump? We all do
  • Reward your successes 

Tips to Keep Your New Year's resolution

The holidays are wrapping up, your guests have gone home, and the parties are over. Those pesky resolutions are just around the corner, and many of us dread accomplishing our ambitious goals in the new year. But why pick resolutions you don’t like? The Solar Art team loves to have fun, so let’s explore how you can make this time of change easier!


1. Make a resolution for the right reason: YOU

Don’t let peer pressure get to you! Resolutions aren’t for everyone, or even the right choice at the time. Your resolutions should reflect what you need in your life...don’t worry about impressing your friends or family, or making a resolution to please someone else. Goals are met when your heart is in it 🥰

2. Pick ONE goal and stick to it

Prioritize your time and effort with a single resolution, especially if the resolution has a bigger impact on your life. Making a handful of resolutions seems fun, but it’s also distracting, and will only stress you out more.

3. Give yourself mini challenges


A resolution might feel intimidating, but breaking the goal up into mini-challenges results in short-term, frequent victories that motivate you to keep moving. Maybe a daily or weekly challenge is enough for you, but no matter how you divide it up, always remember that every step forward is another step toward success.

4. Hit a bump? We all do

Once in you’re in the swing of it, you might hit a road bump and feel discouraged. Here’s a quick pep talk: we all do, so don’t let it get you down. Perfectionism won’t get you anywhere, so even if you fail one day, the next day is another chance to do it right. Reflect on your failure so you won’t repeat it.

5. Reward your successes!


Resolutions aren’t all punishment and torture. Rewarding yourself is a great psychological boost. Determine your rewards ahead of time, stick to them, and stay positive—even IF you didn’t quite meet your goals that day. Go eat that chocolate or spend the day window shopping, and recognize that your hard work is paying off. 

Sounds fun, right? Accomplishing a resolution isn’t easy, but the long-term rewards are worth it. No matter what happens, keep your eye on the goal and keep moving forward. Self-improvement is never a wasted effort!

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