Affordable Ways to Update Your Apartment Building

December 24, 2018

How to Keep Your Apartment Building Updated and Modern

While apartments aren’t usually thought of as stylish, updating your apartment building lets your tenants know you care about them, and renovations don’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. Solar Art specializes in transforming living spaces, so we’ve collected some tips for keeping your complex fresh and your tenants happy:

1. Spruce up common areas with graphic film

Custom printed graphics

Be sure to keep common areas like gyms, game rooms, or lounges current. Swap out your decor periodically, maybe decorate for holidays, and incorporate inspiring graphics around your gym and pool areas. Graphic wall film is a convenient way to keep your common areas fresh.

2. Solar-control window film cuts heat and cost

Save money across the board with solar film, which works by reducing the sun’s heat and light that enters windows without sacrificing natural lighting and views. Solar-control window film from Solar Art significantly cuts your property costs while making every room more comfortable. It’s a win-win.

3. Strengthen your windows with security film

Give your tenants peace of mind with durable security film. Security window film wraps your fragile glass in flexible film that reduces shatter, contains messes, and increases film strength. Whether you’re worried about crime or natural hazards, security film is an invisible way to protect your glass and clients.

4.Options, options, options! 

feature wall

Tenants don't have the ability to choose the exact flooring or counter tops they want, but as a landlord it is nice to provide them with as many options as possible. Providing the option of a feature wall is a simple way to create diversity in an apartment instead of having cold neutral walls, that can easily be changed back if new tenants are moving in. 

5. Add color to the exteriors

Finally, your apartment’s exteriors make a big impact on potential clients: add splashes of color to the exteriors of any apartment, whether it’s wood, cement, or brick. Solar Art’s creative team can brainstorm any design you want to install onto your buildings. Stress less about your apartment building’s look and feel with strategic graphic and window film installations while also saving money. Talk to Solar Art today about making your complex that stand-out, fancy apartment everyone wants to live in!

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