Project Management for Real Estate Owners

March 27, 2018

Honest Buildings Platform


Being honest, open and vulnerable can ultimately lead to the most loyal clients.  Relationships are everything when it comes to our clients. That goes with any industry and any field, including real estate.  As Sheila Eugenia relays in an article in Entrepreneur, “…transparency throughout construction of a real estate project is vital to the health of the project.”  Honest Buildings has found a very simple solution to just that.

Honest Buildings provide a cloud based software in which property managers and building owners can see projects all at one time.  You’ll be able to build your own bidding template, update documentation in real time and more. Considering they just raised $21 million in a series B funding campaign, Honest Buildings is on a streamline path to success.

Below you may find an example of how the software looks and is organized.  

Honest Buildings even has a customer success team that specializes in customizing your organization based on the type of projects you work on.  

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