Why Ceramic Window Tint?

January 15, 2019

Benefits of Ceramic Window Film 

Do you want to reduce your electricity bills but don’t want tinted window film? Heat control window film is an increasingly popular way to save money, but tinted film isn’t the only option! Ceramic window tint is colorless while still reducing heat. Let’s learn more about how ceramic window film is an ideal option for homeowners and business owners both!

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No metals or dyes in the window film

Unlike tinted window film, Huper Optik ceramic window film uses nano-ceramic technology to reduce heat without metals or dyes. Ceramic window film nanotechnology controls heat faster and more efficiently than reflective window film, blocking 99% of invisible UVA and UVB rays. While the cutting-edge technology makes ceramic window film cost more than traditional window films, the film’s efficient heat reduction saves money every day. You get more comfortable rooms, lower electricity bills, and a more environmentally-friendly home or property.

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Maintain the view through your windows while cutting heat

Tinted window films cut heat and increase privacy by darkening windows, leading to darker rooms and views. But sometimes you want to take advantage of the sunlight without the downsides of heat and glare. What’s your alternative? Without metals, ceramic window film is clear, colorless, and without any pattern or mirror reflection. You get brighter rooms and views and, since the films are optically clear, no one really knows they’re there.

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Ceramic film won't change the aesthetics of your home

Ceramic window film is ideal when you want to make your home or building more energy-efficient but don’t want to change your windows’ appearance. Our films will give your building a uniform appearance and won’t conflict with building design specifications. While Huper Optik ceramic window tint won’t give you privacy the way reflective window film would, the film still reduce energy bills and glare as efficiently as tinted window film while letting people see inside.

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Solar Art- Ceramic Window Film 

Looking for ceramic window film near you? Solar Art works with homeowners and businesses every day to reduce their energy costs and make their properties more comfortable. Whether you need window tinting, privacy film, or ceramic window film, we have you covered. Contact Solar Art today to learn more about how heat blocking window film improves your home or building.

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