How to Give Your New Office the Cool Look You've Always Wanted

July 23, 2018

Personalizing Your Office Space! 

Before-decorating office spaceWhile office spaces provide comfortable places to work, they also tend to all look the same. Flat walls, big windows, and maybe an inspirational poster or a potted plant, are the pinnacles of decoration. This breeds boredom and distraction for your employees. But what if your walls and windows could be canvases for collaboration, focus, and inspiration? Decorative window films and custom graphics are a quick and affordable way to bypass other means of giving your office a new look, such as repainting or changing decor. Solar Art offers both, which can offer a unique boost to your office.

Decorative Window Film

Decorative window filmSnazzy offices take advantage of clear space like glass walls and windows with decorative film. Decorative window film can be applied to office windows and to interior glass walls. You can choose from designs such as frosting, stripes, squares, nearly-opaque films, and more. The films are cut to the size of your entire glass surface to give a professional, seamless appearance. They also add privacy, enhance focus, increase safety around glass, and cut glare. As a bonus, they cut UV light from the sun. Help your employees work more efficiently and comfortably.

Custom Graphics

Bare walls can often be a common source of frustration when decorating. You could hang more paintings, but you’re still left with a bunch of empty space, and if you hate the wall color, that’s even worse. What if you could turn your walls into artwork? Solar Art works with you to create custom wall graphics. Make full use of your office walls while giving customers an instant glimpse into your company’s culture and vibe.

After custom graphics for office are installed

Beyond custom graphics, Solar Art offers custom logo creation and installation. Company branding is vital to success, and your unique logo is what customers will come to associate with your services. Your logo also helps grow corporate culture and identity, fostering a collaborative environment for the good of your company and your employees.

Why Solar Art

Realizing your vision for a unique office that works for you and your company is easier than you’d think! No matter the look you need or the benefits you want, Solar Art offers an array of services to make your office the coolest office in the building.

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