How to Lower AC Bill | How to Cool Your House Without Using AC

July 9, 2018

Staying Cool Without Having to Turn on the AC 

reduce AC bill

Summertime is for fun in the sun, but is accompanied with the boiling heat. The day goes by, the house gets stuffy, you start to sweat, and before you know it, you’re turning on the AC. On really hot days, even the AC is not enough to cool our homes. Why?

Why We Need AC

Windows can be a major source of joy in our homes. They make the room brighter, give fantastic views, and add elegance to decor. Sadly, they also permit the sun’s radiation to enter a home. Heat builds up and it can’t escape. We combat this by using the AC. While we try and make ourselves comfortable, our wallets suffer. 

Alternative Options

reduce heat in homeRunning the AC isn’t the only way to cool your home. The key to using less cooling energy is to keep the sunlight from entering your home at all. One way to accomplish this is by hanging heavy dark curtains. While that is an option, we shouldn't have to live our lives in the dark, especially during the summer. Not every window is suited to curtains, either: those skylights or decorative windows around your door also increase your energy bill.


Solar-Control Window Film

heat reduction in home

Solar-control window film from Solar Art is a hassle-free option that consumes zero energy while blocking sunlight and preventing heat build-up: a win-win solution. The films can be applied to any window, are low-maintenance, and block up to 72% of both total solar radiation and visible light, while never obstructing your views or darkening your room. This means turning on your AC later in the day, or maybe not at all. Keep your windows, enjoy the sun, make your summer more comfortable, and use your AC less.



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