How to Prevent Fading in Your Home

July 2, 2018

Protecting your Home from the Sun 

We love our windows and the natural light they let in, but sun exposure can cause serious damage to the appearance and life of our valuable possessions. Nothing ruins beautiful decor like sun fading. Softer materials like carpeting, wood flooring, rugs, curtains, leather furniture, and artwork are especially vulnerable. Worse than that, replacing items damaged by sun fading can be expensive, impractical, and even impossible.

What Causes Sun Fading?

stop the sun from fading your floorThe sun puts out more than just light: it also emits ultraviolet (UV) radiation. 50% of sun fading is from light and heat combined. But, just as UV radiation burns our skin, it also contributes 40% to sun fading by bleaching the color out of our possessions, which causes them to fade in color. Sadly, fading is just the first sign of damage: UV radiation actually destroys vulnerable materials over time.

Attempt to Prevent Sun Fading 

To prevent sun fading, we can avoid putting our belongings near windows, but that can really limit our style and space. Another option is to put down rugs or hang curtains, but those will eventually fade too and need to be replaced. Curtains can block the view and darken the room. Ultimately, the only option might be to give up and just accept that replacing sun faded items is the cost of having windows in our homes and enjoying the scenery. 

Solar-Control Window Film, The Best Option 

benefits of window film

What if you could block the sun’s damaging rays from ever entering your home? Solar-control window film from Solar Art will block 99% of the UV radiation entering through your windows while also blocking a lot of the sun’s heat. You block two of the biggest causes of sun damage in your home while keeping your views and natural light. It’s a win-win situation.

Solar-control window film can be easily installed on any window, even those hard to reach windows or spots where curtains just won’t work. They compliment your home’s decor while not taking up any extra space. Style your home anyway you like with the peace of mind that the sun’s damage stays outside while you protect your belongings inside.

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