How to Reduce Heat In Homes, Without Changing The Aesthetics

June 25, 2018

Different Ways to Reduce Heat in a Home

Ways to reduce heat in houseWe work hard for our homes and want to make sure they look great while also keeping us comfortable. Windows are a major focal point of a home, as they let in light and optimize views. According to the Department of Energy, “In cooling seasons, about 76% of sunlight that falls on a standard double-pane window enters to become heat".  Glass lets the sun’s radiation pass through and the heat gets trapped inside your home. Just like a parked car in the sun, a room gets really warm, really quick. The trick to cooling your house is to prevent the sunlight from ever passing through your windows at all. There are different ways to reduce heat in homes. Some of which will change the aesthetics of the home, while others will not. 

Common Ways to Reduce Heat

Common solutions to try and reduce heat from entering your house can include replacing standard window panes with more energy-efficient glass, reinforcing window seams with weatherstripping, installing exterior or interior window shades, and hanging heavy-duty curtains over windows. These are all fine options and will help with reducing heat, but can change the aesthetics of your house.

Replace Window Panes & Weather-stripping

Weatherstripping to reduce heat

Replacing window panes with more energy-efficient glass can help minimize the heat in comparison to the standard glass, but can also be very expensive and very tedious. Weather-stripping is also an option, but can make sliding windows loud and heavy while also ruining the look of your windows. Both of these options will not help block the radiation from entering your home to begin with.

Exterior Window Shades

Shades for the outside of houseExterior window shades will help block heat, but they also can leave marks on your walls, need to be adjusted, can deteriorate from the sun over time, and might not completely cover your window and shade your room the way you would like. Reflections from other surfaces can still enter around the shades and contribute to heat build up and that pesky AC bill.

Interior Window Shades

Shades for the inside of houseJust like exterior window shades, interior window shades are a common solution to reducing heat in a home. However, they add another layer of bulk around your windows that you might not even want. They often come with ugly cords that can tangle or even pose a danger to children and pets. Not to mention, curtains negate the whole reason why we want windows: mood-boosting natural light and views.

Why Solar-Control Window Film is the Best Option

Benefits of solar window film

You can bypass those clumsy and expensive alternatives with convenient, high-quality solar-control film from Solar Art. 

Our films are easily installed, removed, and replaced. They subtly complement your home’s look and can be considered a “bulk-free” option that won’t damage surfaces. Window film can be applied to hard-to-reach windows and cover the entire window, without ever needing any adjustment. Most of all, solar-control film lets in natural light and maintains views without the uncomfortable heat. 

Solar-control films are a low-maintenance alternative that offer the same benefits of more permanent solutions without the inconvenience or risk of changing the aesthetics of your house.
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