How to Block Glare on Computer Screens

July 30, 2018

Protection From Sun

Glare reduction

Computers are a key part of our professional lives, but looking at screens for eight hours a day is taxing on the eyes. Window gazing is an easy way to give ourselves a break, but windows in also come with a cost: sun glare. Glare makes our screens harder to see as the day goes by and can make it hard to be productive and meet deadlines.

Potential Solutions

Protect computers from glare

We try to solve this problem by rotating our monitors away from our windows, closing the blinds, using matte monitor screens, darkening our offices, or changing the brightness on our computers. A more drastic measure might include installing overhanging, reflecting lightshelves or computer monitor hoods to block the sun. These solutions aren’t always practical for the space or for the worker’s needs and safety, and can be expensive to install. Wouldn’t it be nice if all office buildings were built facing away from the sun at all times? Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

Solar Film

Protection from sun

There are other options, however. Solar-control window film from Solar Art lets you keep the great views and mood-boosting natural night while avoiding the afternoon sun’s glare. Our tinted films reject 63% of the sun’s visible light on the outside, thus drastically cutting the glare on screens. They also block annoying reflections on other surfaces both inside and out. As a result, your screens stay nice and dark all day long without adjusting any settings or closing the blinds.

Protection from glareSolar-control window film requires no extra space, poses no safety risks, and is low-maintenance. Our films are cut to your specific windows and come in a variety of tints for ideal performance. Additionally, Solar Art’s films block 99% of the sun’s UV light, which is responsible for increasing cooling energy needs and damaging expensive electronics, so you can keep your blinds open while staying cool and maintaining the life of your property. We will work with you to make your office more comfortable and productive all day.

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